1/2G and 1/2C’s Movie Master Class


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Last week, Lawrence (Mel’s father) came to visit our classes to teach us about making stop motion movies. He showed us his camera and some excerpts of his amazing stop motion movies that he makes for YouTube. He was lovely, patient and answered all of our questions.

The main things that we learned were:

1) Watch how people move and try to make your figurines do the same. He called it “studying human movement”.
2) Music is one of the most important parts of a movie.
3) The more pictures you take the smoother the character appears to move in the movie. Lawrence takes thousands of photos and it takes him weeks to make a movie.

Below are some thank you letters that 1/2C wrote to Lawrence afterwards:


iPads iPads iPads in 12A & M!!!


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With having our own personal trolley of iPads in our classroom until the end of the year, the iPads have been getting a good workout. The students are completely self managing the devices, to the point where our monitors are putting them away at the end of each day. Check out a few shots!



Digitech@BellPS Digest 1st Edition!


Posted by Andrew Williamson | Posted in ICT | Posted on July 23, 2016

The ICT team at Bell welcome you all to our first edition of our Bell PS Digitech Digest. With all the wonderful learning that is happening through the use of digital technologies we thought that an a occasional digest would be a great way to keep the community in the loop.

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Or download here Bell PS Digitech Digest First Edition

12A & M’s iMotion settings …


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1/2ST’s ‘How do you make a movie?’ Inquiry


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If you haven’t already saved and subscribed to the Bell Interactive Film Festival’s (BIFF) new blog, jump on and have a look! The link is: http://bellpsff.global2.vic.edu.au/


1/2ST have recently launched their new inquiry in conjunction with the Bell Interactive Film Festival (BIFF). We are investigating, ‘How to make a movie?’

Learning through Inquiry has lots of different stages. So far we are in the ‘Finding Out’ and ‘Sorting Out’ phases, where we have immersed ourselves in the technology and analysed what works and what doesn’t.

We have been exploring different iPad apps that can help make different types of movies and different parts of movies. The three key apps are:

  • iMotion which is used to make stop motion films. Stop motion uses a special movie making technique where you take photos of objects that move in small increments in each shot. When you look at the photos altogether and speed them up, the object comes alive and it looks like a film!
  • Garage Band which is used to compose music using digital instruments. Various instruments can be layered on top of each other to create a band or orchestral effect. Different music can make you feel different emotions and we talked about how this can add to the overall effect in a film and change how the audience feels.
  • iMovie which is mostly used to make live action films (regular videos) but can also be used to link and layer other movie making techniques. For example, we exported our iMotion films into iMovie and then were able to layer sound effects, music and voice overs so that each element could be heard and seen at the same time! Pretty cool huh?!

Our favourite movie making app thus far has been iMotion. We have been practising the stop motion technique by making sets for characters to move through. We have loved working in teams and fine tuning our creative and digital skills in film making!!!

12A Experimenting with iMotion


Posted by matta | Posted in ICT | Posted on May 13, 2016

1/2LT present ‘How to make a Lava Lamp!’


Posted by moya | Posted in ICT | Posted on October 24, 2014

Yesterday in 1/2L we had a fabulous, fun filled, scientific afternoon making mini lava lamps!

Working in small groups, we made ‘how to’ videos to explain the experiment. We then voted the best video, as a whole group. The videos needed to include all the aspects of a procedural text – Title, Aim (Introduction), Materials (Equipment) and the Procedure (Method). We also thought a little bit of creativity would add to it and make it entertaining for an audience.

There was amazing learning happening and some fantastic teamwork throughout the afternoon. Every group had a unique little take on the experiment and made the video their own. Some groups included everyone, some filmed up nice and close and others used humour to make it interesting. We are incredibly proud of all the 1/2s and the hard work but we could only have one winner.

Below is our top pick, maybe you can follow the steps and try this at home too!

If video doesn’t play click this link here.



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Today 12A brainstormed as many Verbs as we could possibly think of. Then students acted out these verbs in real life and created a collage. Some real interesting words!

Whats your favourite verb?

1/2A’s procedural writing using ‘Pic Collage’


Posted by matta | Posted in ICT | Posted on July 30, 2014

Today, 1/2A used an app called Pic Collage to create procedural posters. Students planned and then created a set of instructions using the camera and then labelling each picture to describe what it shows.

Who wants to have a go at drawing a minion …?

IMG_0092IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0087 IMG_0088IMG_0089IMG_0090IMG_0091 IMG_0093IMG_0094IMG_0095



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Today 1/2A used iPads for the first time in class. We used an app called Doodle Buddy, where students put on their creative hats to draw a picture using various tools such as backgrounds, stamps, stencils and paintbrushes. Students wrote a creative piece of writing to accompany this picture.

IMG_3047 IMG_3050 IMG_3048 IMG_3049

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