Book Week 2015


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The grade 1/2 cohort had a fabulous day yesterday, sharing our favourite books and dressing up as our favourite characters. The day was topped off with a BookNic, where we all ate our lunch outside and read favourite parts of our stories to one another.








If I Ran the Zoo …


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Today, 1/2A & 1/2 M read the Dr. Seuss book ‘If I Ran the Zoo’.


In the book, Gerald McGrew is a kid who, when visiting a zoo, finds that the exotic animals are “not good enough”. He says that if he ran the zoo, he would let all of the current animals free and find new, more bizarre and exotic ones. Throughout the book he lists these creatures, starting with a lion with ten feet and escalating to more imaginative (and imaginary) creatures, such as the Fizza-ma-Wizza-ma-Dill, “the world’s biggest bird from the island of Gwark, who eats only pine trees, and spits out the bark.”

We created our own creatures for our own ‘New Zoo, McGrew Zoo’. Here are some …..

So a question for you …. If you could create an imaginative creature for our zoo, what would it be and what would it do …?

1/2M’s Reading Groups are rocking!


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1/2M have been working on so many exciting activities during Reading Groups this term. Some groups have been working on their comprehension, others on summarising their texts or practicing their weekly sightwords. We have been focusing on common/proper/singular and plural nouns as well as compound words. The Green group has been discovering the features of non-fiction texts and even conducted some experiments on sound!

1/2LT Crazy Animals


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We’ve started writing in 1/2LT! Our first job was to create a crazy animal. We began by reading a great story called That’s How I See Things written by Sirish Rao and illustrated by a wonderful artist, Bhajju Shyam. It is the tale of an artist, Siena Baba, who is a happy but he does not see the world the way everyone else does, he sees it differently. Everyone thinks he’s strange because he does things his won way. One day he draws a bizarre set of animals, who are very opinionated and complain about how he is creating them wrong! There were some funny and crazy things – like a croco-rooster, a crocodile crossed with a rooster! Who would have thought! We really enjoyed the book, even Renee and Moya did! Afterwards we got to create our own crazy animals. Check them out!



More Adventures in Narnia


Posted by Lauren | Posted in Art and Craft, Celebrations and Special Days, English | Posted on November 27, 2013

Instead of walking through the school gates this morning, the 1/2s of Bell Primary stepped thorough the wardrobe and into the land of Narnia. There were fauns, lions, versions of the four Pevensy children, Kings and Queens, beavers, a sparkly crowd of terrifying White Witches, even a robin.

We began the day with a magical parade, a chance for photos, then went back to our classrooms. In 1/2LK we began the day by making gorgeous crowns – for once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen of Narnia. We began by cutting our cardboard strips into crown patterns. Moya and Lauren measured them to our heads and stapled them (not to our heads) then we painted them with water colours. They looked lovely but we made them even more beautiful by sticking on decorations and glitter. Everyone’s crowns looked wonderful, they were all so different!

After morning tea we settled down to watch the BBC version of Narnia and eat Turkish Delight!


“I enjoyed watching the Narnia video. I’m dressed as Peter.” Will

“I’m getting scared watching the movie, the witch is scary!” Violet

“I’m getting scared too, my eyes are popping out.” Joel

“I thought the white witch was going to look different.” Goldie

“I really enjoyed making the crowns and decorating them. And thanks to mum for a great costume.” Ben

“Every single time the white witch yelled at someone I said “nice one” in my head.” Vas

“I’ll turn you all into stone!” Ruby

“Thanks mum for helping me make my really great Peter costume.” Henry

“I am Aslan, I feel awesome!” Arel



Remembrance day & poppies


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Remembrance day is a day for Australians, and all the countries in the commonwealth, to pay their respects to people who have died at war. Yesterday at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we had 1 minute silence across the whole to pay our respects. You might have seen people around wearing red poppies that’s because poppies were among the first plants that grew on battlefields of northern France during World War I. Some people believe they are red because of the soldier’s blood that had been shed.

Poppies are flowering in Melbourne at the moment and we were lucky enough to have some in vases on our desks. We spent some time looking at them and then we did the most beautiful sketches. After lunch we came back and brainstormed poppy words and ideas and used our brainstorm to write poems about poppies and why they are special to Remembrance day. We then published our pieces on computer, after writing and editing. You can see some of our artwork and poetry below.

Poppies look like red bunches of ripples.
They are happy and delicate
but hearts, broken hearts attached to long pieces of gold covered in green.

Red as a ruby glittering,
As if they are red paint, drawing for the first time,
As if the sun is getting up in the morning.


A drop of blood, it sparkles, it shines,
In a thankful world.
It’s teary, it’s sad, it’s happy.
It’s a dead war, it’s a lonely place.

The petals look delicate and the pods are like elven caps,
The stem as spikey as a prickle,
I feel sad in a happy way on Remembrance day.


It looks like delicate pillows of fire.
As scorching hot as magma streaming in the sun,
Thoughtful, happy, thankful, sad.


Sad and droopy, crinkly and red.
As fragile as a cup.
Poppies make me feel sad, dreadful and teary.
Poppies like to grow in sad places.



1/2 Comic Capers


Posted by rylee26 | Posted in Art and Craft, English | Posted on September 18, 2013

On Tuesday the 10th of September, Matthew Magain (Sophia’s Dad) visited 1/2C to teach us about making comics.

We learned about:

  1. Frames (the squares that comics are drawn in).
  2. Gutters (the spaces between the frames).
  3. How time can pass between different frames (see the tennis ball pictures).
  4. Different types of speech bubbles and how we can use them in our comics.
  5. Facial expressions (we had a great go at practising lots of different facial expressions as we moved around the room).
  6. How to draw box people.


We are so excited to make our own class comic and are currently drafting our pages this week. Stay tuned for more comic fun.

Some Flick!


Posted by Lauren | Posted in English | Posted on September 17, 2013

Today in 1/2LK we watched Charlotte’s web, on the projector in Moya’s room. We watched it because Moya’s class read the book last term AND then they got six class plus ones. Luckily for 1/2K we always do things together so both classes got to watch it!

The movie is about a spider (Charlotte) who tries to save a pig (Wilbur) from being turned into bacon. The animals in the barn where Wilbur lives, and his human friend Fern all join in to help save Wilbur because they love him.

It was a bit sad in the middle (we won’t tell you why) but we all enjoyed it. We thought the voices of the animal characters were great. In particular, we really liked the cute, funny, little voices of the baby spiders. We thought Tempelton the rat was rude but funny. The escape scene was a bit different to the way it happened in the book. We loved the part where the baby spider’s hatched and when the rat says he’s handsome in the mirror – we laughed! The movie made similar pictures in our head to the book, we recommend you watch it.

It was a lovely way to celebrate the end of an enormous term!


Charlotte, Joel, Maddy, George, Ella, Amelia



Roald Dahl’s Birthday Cupcakes


Posted by Lauren | Posted in English | Posted on September 16, 2013

Here in 1/2LK we made cupcakes to celebrate Roald Dahl’s Birthday which happens on the 13th of September, every year. Roald Dahl is dead now but if he was still alive he would be 96. We love his books so much thought we would still celebrate his birthday.

But we didn’t just make any cupcakes, we made Mrs Twit’s glass eyeball cupcakes! We used white icing for the eyeball, green icing for the iris and and licorice to make the pupil. Gross but cool! We had lots of lovely grown ups helping us – thank you grown ups!

“We made eyeball cupcakes to celebrate Roald Dahl day.” Tom Mc

“I love the taste of the cupcakes.” Milly

“When it was all sloppy, I felt like drinking the whole bowl.” Leila

“I wish I was magic so I could make us hundreds of cupcakes.” Will

“I like the way Roald Dahl’s characters are really horrible.” Mira

“I liked the lemon icing around the green icing.” Vas

“I think when we made the cupcakes we all had fun.” Yasmin

“ The cupcakes tasted dahl-icious.” Claudia (and Will)

“We made cupcakes because it was Roald Dahl’s birthday.” Lydia

“We made cupcakes that looked like Mrs Twit’s glass eyeballs. ”Lola

“I loved making the cupcakes and I think they tasted Roald Dahl great!” Nat

“I learnt it was Roald Dahl’s birthday today.” Joel

“They were scrumdidliumptious!” Mungo

“The mixture looked like a bowl of melted chocolate.” Sam

“I liked how everyone followed instructions.” Maddy

“I liked having the grown ups in to help us make the cupcakes.” Imogen

“I enjoyed making cupcakes with grown-ups and watching the mixture go all chocolatey.” Edwin

“Thank you for letting us make cupcakes.” Edwin

“I like cupcakes and Roald Dahl books.” Amelia

“I like books more than cupcakes.” Nicholas

“I like Roald Dahl books because he uses great words.” Poppy

Reading rotations


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Last week was our first week of spring, how wonderful it was! In Moya’s reading group we talked about the end of winter to help us get ready for the new season. We also read a book called ‘A little bit of winter’ by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. In the story there are two characters, Hedgehog and Rabbit. Hedgehog and Rabbit are friends. Hedgehog spends all winter hibernating from the winter chill. He asks Rabbit to save him a little bit of winter so he can experience it for himself. He even leaves Rabbit a note on a tree to remind him because Rabbit can sometimes be forgetful.

We came up with our own ‘little bits’ of winter we would save for hedgehog. Here is our beautiful work.

and some more ideas….

I would save Hedgehog a lot of soup so we could have some soup together. Edwin

I would have Hedgehog a little bit of snow. Dulcie

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of a coat to keep him warm. Romy

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of a biscuit and a cup of tea. Tinu

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of hot toast with jam. Shubhey

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of pizza. Thomas Haselgrove

I would save Hedgehog a little bit of a tobogganing fun because it is awesome. Goldie

I would save a little bit of soup and buttered bread. Yum, Yum! and a warm drink. 

I would save Hedgehog my christmas tree, if we were in the Northern hemisphere 🙂

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