More Adventures in Narnia


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Instead of walking through the school gates this morning, the 1/2s of Bell Primary stepped thorough the wardrobe and into the land of Narnia. There were fauns, lions, versions of the four Pevensy children, Kings and Queens, beavers, a sparkly crowd of terrifying White Witches, even a robin.

We began the day with a magical parade, a chance for photos, then went back to our classrooms. In 1/2LK we began the day by making gorgeous crowns – for once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen of Narnia. We began by cutting our cardboard strips into crown patterns. Moya and Lauren measured them to our heads and stapled them (not to our heads) then we painted them with water colours. They looked lovely but we made them even more beautiful by sticking on decorations and glitter. Everyone’s crowns looked wonderful, they were all so different!

After morning tea we settled down to watch the BBC version of Narnia and eat Turkish Delight!


“I enjoyed watching the Narnia video. I’m dressed as Peter.” Will

“I’m getting scared watching the movie, the witch is scary!” Violet

“I’m getting scared too, my eyes are popping out.” Joel

“I thought the white witch was going to look different.” Goldie

“I really enjoyed making the crowns and decorating them. And thanks to mum for a great costume.” Ben

“Every single time the white witch yelled at someone I said “nice one” in my head.” Vas

“I’ll turn you all into stone!” Ruby

“Thanks mum for helping me make my really great Peter costume.” Henry

“I am Aslan, I feel awesome!” Arel



The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ~ Narnia Day


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Remembrance day & poppies


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Remembrance day is a day for Australians, and all the countries in the commonwealth, to pay their respects to people who have died at war. Yesterday at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we had 1 minute silence across the whole to pay our respects. You might have seen people around wearing red poppies that’s because poppies were among the first plants that grew on battlefields of northern France during World War I. Some people believe they are red because of the soldier’s blood that had been shed.

Poppies are flowering in Melbourne at the moment and we were lucky enough to have some in vases on our desks. We spent some time looking at them and then we did the most beautiful sketches. After lunch we came back and brainstormed poppy words and ideas and used our brainstorm to write poems about poppies and why they are special to Remembrance day. We then published our pieces on computer, after writing and editing. You can see some of our artwork and poetry below.

Poppies look like red bunches of ripples.
They are happy and delicate
but hearts, broken hearts attached to long pieces of gold covered in green.

Red as a ruby glittering,
As if they are red paint, drawing for the first time,
As if the sun is getting up in the morning.


A drop of blood, it sparkles, it shines,
In a thankful world.
It’s teary, it’s sad, it’s happy.
It’s a dead war, it’s a lonely place.

The petals look delicate and the pods are like elven caps,
The stem as spikey as a prickle,
I feel sad in a happy way on Remembrance day.


It looks like delicate pillows of fire.
As scorching hot as magma streaming in the sun,
Thoughtful, happy, thankful, sad.


Sad and droopy, crinkly and red.
As fragile as a cup.
Poppies make me feel sad, dreadful and teary.
Poppies like to grow in sad places.



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