Grade 2s in the art room


Posted by Chelsea Kneale | Posted in Art and Craft | Posted on March 24, 2017

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Lost in array cities


Posted by ivyc | Posted in Art and Craft, Maths | Posted on October 13, 2016

Students in 1/2C and G began exploring multiplication this week by creating array cities!

We learnt that arrays are a good way to visualise and solve a multiplication sum. We also learnt that in arrays, there are the same number of units in each row and that they always create squares or rectangles depending on the multiplication problem.

Eg. 3 x 4 is the same as 3 groups of 4. The array would look like this…




On each of the buildings in our cities, the windows created the array. We then used our window arrays to help identify the multiplication sum and the total number of windows on each building.


Grade 1/2s in the art room!


Posted by Chelsea Kneale | Posted in Art and Craft | Posted on July 20, 2016

DSC06588 Come and see what Grade 1/2 students got up to in art last term!

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Ancient Egyptian sketches and Greek Pots!


Posted by Chelsea Kneale | Posted in Art and Craft | Posted on June 7, 2016

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DSC06312 DSC06349

Grade 1/2s in art!


Posted by Chelsea Kneale | Posted in Art and Craft | Posted on April 16, 2016

Come and check out the Arts @ Bell blog to see what the Grade 1/2s got up to in art in Term One!

Parent helpers for Preps


Posted by Chelsea Kneale | Posted in Art and Craft | Posted on May 10, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,
I am in need of some parent helpers during my Prep art classes on Tuesday 12th of May. It would be great to have 1 or 2 parent-helpers per session. If you have some spare time on Tuesday and would like to come in and help (and hopefully have some fun!) I would be very grateful! There will be a sign up sheet on the Arts notice board outside the art room – just pop your name down for the session/s you would like to help out with.
Kind regards,

Volunteers wanted for Bell Biennale


Posted by Chelsea Kneale | Posted in Art and Craft, Music | Posted on April 24, 2015

Hi parents, guardians and friends of Bell PS,

Below are a series of jobs essential to making the Bell Biennale Arts Festival (Our Asian Neighbours) a successful experience for the students and audience. Each job has a link to volunteer spot where you can simply sign up with your email address (no password required) and view the job. As they say ‘many hands make light work’. It’s now getting to the pointy end of the organisation and preparation phase of the Biennale and Chelsea and I are in desperate need of your help. Please have a look at the jobs listed below and see what you can do. Chelsea and I would like to thank those who have already dedicated your time and skills to helping us out. The support of the parent community is what makes working at Bell PS so special.

Art Work display set up

5/6 costumes

Creating a comment book

Cutting Eyes Out Of Masks

Cutting up tickets and delivering them

Decorating and preparing the performance space (Music Room)

Taking down displays

Thank you,

Andrew and Chelsea

Parent Volunteers Wanted


Posted by Chelsea Kneale | Posted in Art and Craft, Music | Posted on February 20, 2015

Andrew and Chelsea are hoping to recruit some parents to form a Bell Biennale Parent Committee. If you’re passionate about the arts and want to help out with our festival in June, please click on the link for more information:

Terrific Trees


Posted by moya | Posted in Art and Craft, Integrated Studies, Science | Posted on November 29, 2013

We’ve been looking at trees with Moya over the last few weeks during our science rotations for our integrated unit on plants. It’s been wonderful to watch everyone be so excited about our topic and gain new knowledge each week as we’ve travelled around the classrooms and visited different teachers.

Looking closely at trees, we discovered –

  • Roots & their role in helping the tree stay strong and stable but also taking up the nutrients and water from the soil
  • Leaves – how a tree breathes and feeds. We even talked about evergreen and deciduous tree leaves.
  • Bark – helps protect the tree. It can’t stretch as the tree grows so it splits or peels as the wood inside it grows.
  • Trunk – supports the leaves and branches of the tree contain the pipelines to move the food around
  • Tree rings – record the trees age, every year a tree grows a little more a new tree ring is made

We also went for little nature walk around Bell Primary and looked at our beautiful trees, even passing through the avenue of honour. Did you know that trees are the largest plant in the world? They also live the longest. Some trees live hundreds of years. How cool!

We decided trees are really important, here’s our reasons why –

  • People sometimes use them to protect their houses
  • trees give us shade
  • they help us breath by releasing oxygen into the air
  • their roots keep the dirt from washing away
  • they provide homes for wildlife and humans
  • they clean the air by taking the carbon dioxide out and storing it inside them
  • they help us everyday by making lots of things we use

Then we had a close look at a tree stump and and looked at the ‘new’ sapwood that carries the water and minerals from the roots to the leaves and. The middle of the tree is called the heartwood, it is the old, dead sapwood and is very hard a strong. It was amazing seeing all the rings. We came to the conclusion that trees are quite similar to us in some ways, like the heartwood is the skeleton holding the tree up and the bark is similar to our skin.

We then created some beautiful tree ‘cookies’. You’ll have to wait until the 12th of December, our exhibition night, to see our pieces of art, but here is a sneak peak until then!

More Adventures in Narnia


Posted by Lauren | Posted in Art and Craft, Celebrations and Special Days, English | Posted on November 27, 2013

Instead of walking through the school gates this morning, the 1/2s of Bell Primary stepped thorough the wardrobe and into the land of Narnia. There were fauns, lions, versions of the four Pevensy children, Kings and Queens, beavers, a sparkly crowd of terrifying White Witches, even a robin.

We began the day with a magical parade, a chance for photos, then went back to our classrooms. In 1/2LK we began the day by making gorgeous crowns – for once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen of Narnia. We began by cutting our cardboard strips into crown patterns. Moya and Lauren measured them to our heads and stapled them (not to our heads) then we painted them with water colours. They looked lovely but we made them even more beautiful by sticking on decorations and glitter. Everyone’s crowns looked wonderful, they were all so different!

After morning tea we settled down to watch the BBC version of Narnia and eat Turkish Delight!


“I enjoyed watching the Narnia video. I’m dressed as Peter.” Will

“I’m getting scared watching the movie, the witch is scary!” Violet

“I’m getting scared too, my eyes are popping out.” Joel

“I thought the white witch was going to look different.” Goldie

“I really enjoyed making the crowns and decorating them. And thanks to mum for a great costume.” Ben

“Every single time the white witch yelled at someone I said “nice one” in my head.” Vas

“I’ll turn you all into stone!” Ruby

“Thanks mum for helping me make my really great Peter costume.” Henry

“I am Aslan, I feel awesome!” Arel



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