Welcome To Country Exhibition


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Today the grade 1/2 students walked to the Darebin Arts Centre to see an exhibition of the artwork from the book ‘Welcome to Country’ that was written by Aunty Joy Murphy with art work by Lisa Kennedy.

While 1/2C, G and A were there we rotated through 3 different activities; collecting natural objects from the ground at the park, listening to the story ‘Welcome to Country’ and viewing and discussing the art pieces.

Once we were back at school the students created their own AMAZING art pieces that were inspired by the art they saw today.

All of the students had a great time today and we would all like to say a massive thank you to all of our parent helpers who took the time to join us today!


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Bell PS Movember Fundraiser


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Multiplication X


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1/2ST are revisiting the topic of multiplication. The symbol for multiplication is X

Other words for multiplication are:

  • multiplied by eg .2 multiplied by3
  • times eg. 2 times 3
  • the product of ___ and ____ eg. the product of 2 and 3 is 6
  • by eg. 2 by 3 is 6
  • rows of eg.2 rows of 3

We are working in ‘just right’ Maths groups to develop our skills in understanding what multiplication looks like and different strategies to solve the problems.

To show visually what multiplication looks like we can make arrays. Arrays are neatly arranged rows that have the same amount in each row. Here is an example of an array in the real world. It is a carton of eggs.

multiplication_arayThere are 2 rows (horizontal lines) with 3 eggs in each row.

This can be written as, 2 rows of 3 or 2 X 3

Once students can identify how many rows there are and how many are within each row, they can use one of the two numbers identified to skip count to the answer.

The answer can be found by skip counting by 2s ie. 2, 4, 6! Or is can be found by skip counting by 3s ie 3, 6!

Therefore, the answer to 2 rows of 3 or 2 X 3 is 6!

Can you find any arrays around your house or yard? How would you write them as a multiplication problems?

Once students have mastered this understanding they are working towards identifying and writing multiplication problems from worded stories eg. How many wheels are there altogether if there are 5 cars? Ie. 4 wheels X 5 cars = _____  OR  4 X 5 = _____

Some students are also building their speed and accuracy with known facts. This means that they are aiming to quickly answer their 10 times tables, 2 times tables, 5 times tables, and 3 times tables within 1 to 2 seconds. If they master these, they can move on to their 4 times tables.

Here is a great video from the Khan Academy that explains what multiplication is: Khan Academy YouTube Clip






The Dot


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Today in 1/2G we combined our growth mindset session with our fine motor session. We watched the story of ‘The Dot’ by Peter H Reynolds. The dot is about a girl called Vashti and her journey through art class from having a fixed mindset where she would say things like “I’m not good at this” to being able to create wonderful art pieces with just a dot in a variety of ways.

To work on developing and strengthening the pincer grip of the students they taped their paper to the underside of the table and went about creating their own master pieces while lying on the floor.

Everyone had so much fun while creating our very own dot gallery and it was great to hear all of the students giving each other such positive encouragement and feedback!


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