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1/2ST have been learning and revising 2D and 3D shapes and their dimensions.

Did you know that 2D shapes have 2 dimensions:

  • sides and
  • corners.

And that 3D shapes have 3 dimensions:

  • faces (the flat parts)
  • edges (where two faces meet) and
  • vertices (the 3D name for corners).

Today we played 2D and 3D shape bingo, where each student had a physical 2D or 3D shape. They also had 1 sheet each. Each sheet had 12 different boxes that listed the dimensions of a variety of 2D and 3D shapes. If you found someone who had the shape that matched the dimensions listed, then that person could sign their name.

shapes_1 3d-shapes-properties 2d-shape-dimensions

Can you  name and identify some 2D and 3D shapes around your home or workplace? Write to us to let us know what you have found!

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I love that you have made eating toblerone an educational experience

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