1/2ST Writing: Show, Don’t Tell!


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1/2 ST have been working on making our writing more descriptive.

We have been using adjectives (describing words)


and similes (words that describe something by comparing it to something else) to make our writing more interesting.


In our whole class example, we tried to write about a place without saying the name of the place. Do you know where this piece of writing takes place?

Splash went the cool water as I jumped in! It was as cold as ice. The chlorine smelt weird. It also went up my nose and made it feel sore. “Hey dad, watch this!” I screamed. I heard the bubbles pop while my head was under the blue water. I saw people’s legs under the surface and they looked like funny, dancing clowns.

Write your answer in the comments section below. The students in 1/2S will be able to tell you if the answer is correct.


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Ashlin was sick today but just read this. She guesses The Pool. Is she right?

Spot on! Good job, Ashlin!

Must be at a swimming pool?!

That’s right! Good guess, Alice!

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