Tea towels!


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Tea Towels – now on sale!

The children have been very creative with their drawings this year. Each child has contributed to a class tea towel design around the theme of Bell Creative Minds.

Pre-order your Tea Towels through QKR! (preferred) or via the office,with a paper form that you can get by emailing the fundraising committee bellpsfundraising@gmail.com

Only $12 each. Orders due Friday 28th October.

Tea towels are great quality: 100% cotton, water based paint, local printer.

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Subtraction, Take Away, Minus, Difference!


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Yes, we are working on subtraction once again in 1/2ST. We are developing and consolidating strategies to support our ability to solve subtraction problems.

Other words for subtraction include:

  • subtraction
  • take away
  • minus
  • difference

Some of the strategies we have been practising in our ‘Just Right’ Maths groups include:

  • counting back on a number line


  • counting back in our heads. For example, if we had 10 – 3, we would count back from 10 3 times: 9, 8, 7! The number we land on is the answer. So the answer is 7!
  • counting back using our fingers


  • using doubles facts, to know our halves facts.
    For example, if:
    4 + 4 = 8, then
    8 – 4 = 4!
  • using friends of 10 and fact families.
    For example, if 6 + 4 = 10, then
    10 – 6 = 4, or
    10 – 4 = 6
  • And regrouping. 
    For example,
    3  1
    -1  2

    Start in the ones column.
    If the digit on top is smaller than the digit on the bottom then you need to regroup!

    Take 1 ten and regroup it to 10 ones

        2   11
    –   1    2
        1    9

    Then you can say,
    11 ones  –  2 ones  = 9 ones and
    2 tens    –  1  ten    = 1 ten.

    So the answer is, 19!



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1/2ST have been learning and revising 2D and 3D shapes and their dimensions.

Did you know that 2D shapes have 2 dimensions:

  • sides and
  • corners.

And that 3D shapes have 3 dimensions:

  • faces (the flat parts)
  • edges (where two faces meet) and
  • vertices (the 3D name for corners).

Today we played 2D and 3D shape bingo, where each student had a physical 2D or 3D shape. They also had 1 sheet each. Each sheet had 12 different boxes that listed the dimensions of a variety of 2D and 3D shapes. If you found someone who had the shape that matched the dimensions listed, then that person could sign their name.

shapes_1 3d-shapes-properties 2d-shape-dimensions

Can you  name and identify some 2D and 3D shapes around your home or workplace? Write to us to let us know what you have found!

Lost in array cities


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Students in 1/2C and G began exploring multiplication this week by creating array cities!

We learnt that arrays are a good way to visualise and solve a multiplication sum. We also learnt that in arrays, there are the same number of units in each row and that they always create squares or rectangles depending on the multiplication problem.

Eg. 3 x 4 is the same as 3 groups of 4. The array would look like this…




On each of the buildings in our cities, the windows created the array. We then used our window arrays to help identify the multiplication sum and the total number of windows on each building.


1/2C and G become scientists.


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We read a book called ‘Hidden Animals’ which was about animals that camouflage themselves in their environment. As a class we went out to see if we could find any hidden animals in our school grounds. We used magnifying glasses to help us see things more closely. Some of the things we found were:

  •  Lady bugs
  • A baby bird
  • Eggs on leaves
  • Flower petals
  • Objects buried in sand

We may not have found any hidden animals but we certainly did find lots of exciting things and it was great to be able to see them up close and notice details we hadn’t seen before.

Here are some things that we learnt about magnifying glasses:

  • You can see more detail but not all of the detail
  • If you hold it to far away it goes blurry
  • There was a bit at the end that makes things super magnified

In our books we drew our observations and then shared them with our class mates. It was so much fun and we can’t wait to keep exploring different aspects of science throughout the term!

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1/2ST Writing: Show, Don’t Tell!


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1/2 ST have been working on making our writing more descriptive.

We have been using adjectives (describing words)


and similes (words that describe something by comparing it to something else) to make our writing more interesting.


In our whole class example, we tried to write about a place without saying the name of the place. Do you know where this piece of writing takes place?

Splash went the cool water as I jumped in! It was as cold as ice. The chlorine smelt weird. It also went up my nose and made it feel sore. “Hey dad, watch this!” I screamed. I heard the bubbles pop while my head was under the blue water. I saw people’s legs under the surface and they looked like funny, dancing clowns.

Write your answer in the comments section below. The students in 1/2S will be able to tell you if the answer is correct.


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