Italian rotations have begun!!


Posted by ivyc | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on August 25, 2016

This week we began our Italian Rotations!

In 1/2C our classroom transformed into a pizza restaurant (which still looked remarkably like a classroom). Our authentic pizza chef, Ivy, introduced us to the italian names for toppings that we may like to put on our pizzas. We could choose from basilico (basil), prosciutto (ham), fungo (mushrooms) formaggio/mozerella (cheese), peperoni (red capsicum), zucca (pumpkin) and many other ingredients BUT NO ANANAS!!! Italian’s do NOT put ananas on pizza!

Then we were let loose in the ‘kitchen’ to make our pizzas.


Once our pizzas were made we practised ordering our ‘pizza perfetta’ from a waiter, in italian.

Buon Appettito!!

** Can you guess what Ananas means? **

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