Readers’ Theatre in 1/2C & G


Posted by ivyc | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on June 17, 2016

As part of our inquiry about the movie making process in the lead up to BIFF, we began exploring scripts this week.

Readers’ Theatre is where students read aloud from a script instead of a narrative text.

A description of what we did from the students of 1/2C:

First we got into groups and decided what part we would read. Then we had time to practise reading our parts a couple of times before PERFORMING FOR THE WHOLE CLASS!!! It was really fun performing our scripts and we hope that we get to do it again.

“It would be fun to write our own scripts” – Alexandra

“I thought it gave us a good chance to work with people we wouldn’t normally work with” – Ani

“I liked how we got to perform and practise reading at the same time” – Louis

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