1/2ST’s ‘How do you make a movie?’ Inquiry


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If you haven’t already saved and subscribed to the Bell Interactive Film Festival’s (BIFF) new blog, jump on and have a look! The link is: http://bellpsff.global2.vic.edu.au/


1/2ST have recently launched their new inquiry in conjunction with the Bell Interactive Film Festival (BIFF). We are investigating, ‘How to make a movie?’

Learning through Inquiry has lots of different stages. So far we are in the ‘Finding Out’ and ‘Sorting Out’ phases, where we have immersed ourselves in the technology and analysed what works and what doesn’t.

We have been exploring different iPad apps that can help make different types of movies and different parts of movies. The three key apps are:

  • iMotion which is used to make stop motion films. Stop motion uses a special movie making technique where you take photos of objects that move in small increments in each shot. When you look at the photos altogether and speed them up, the object comes alive and it looks like a film!
  • Garage Band which is used to compose music using digital instruments. Various instruments can be layered on top of each other to create a band or orchestral effect. Different music can make you feel different emotions and we talked about how this can add to the overall effect in a film and change how the audience feels.
  • iMovie which is mostly used to make live action films (regular videos) but can also be used to link and layer other movie making techniques. For example, we exported our iMotion films into iMovie and then were able to layer sound effects, music and voice overs so that each element could be heard and seen at the same time! Pretty cool huh?!

Our favourite movie making app thus far has been iMotion. We have been practising the stop motion technique by making sets for characters to move through. We have loved working in teams and fine tuning our creative and digital skills in film making!!!

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