Family Life Victoria’s 2nd Session in 1/2C


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Friday, the 29th of April was the final session of Family Life Victoria for the 1/2 students. In 1/2C, we recapped family diversity and reviewed the body parts of males and females by playing a matching bingo game. Then Gair (our presenter) told us the story of how babies are born by showing us pictures of a foetus at various points of development as well as taking us through the process of being born using some excellent props. Students were amazed by how small we are when we start; Gair gave us each a small sugar crystal and said the cells we started as were smaller than that! Then, as we progressed through her photos, we learned that by the time a baby is ready to come out it is roughly the size of a proper AFL football, which Louis helpfully pointed out is the same size as an African Bullfrog. Gair finished by reading a great book again, this time titled, “There is a house inside my Mummy”, that outlined the changes a mother and a family go through in anticipation of a new baby. Everyone was engaged, asked lots of questions and hopefully went home with lots of ideas to share.

Here are some photos of Gair’s lesson:

Here are some photos of our reflection on the session with one thing that we learned, one thing that was fun and one thing that we liked:


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Looks like lots of interesting learning 1/2C! And a great session to cover at school too. Thank you.

Thanks Alice!

Fantastic recount Rylee! I felt like a fly on the wall.

Ah great Katrina, I was hoping for that.

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