1/2ST’s ‘How do you make a movie?’ Inquiry


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If you haven’t already saved and subscribed to the Bell Interactive Film Festival’s (BIFF) new blog, jump on and have a look! The link is: http://bellpsff.global2.vic.edu.au/


1/2ST have recently launched their new inquiry in conjunction with the Bell Interactive Film Festival (BIFF). We are investigating, ‘How to make a movie?’

Learning through Inquiry has lots of different stages. So far we are in the ‘Finding Out’ and ‘Sorting Out’ phases, where we have immersed ourselves in the technology and analysed what works and what doesn’t.

We have been exploring different iPad apps that can help make different types of movies and different parts of movies. The three key apps are:

  • iMotion which is used to make stop motion films. Stop motion uses a special movie making technique where you take photos of objects that move in small increments in each shot. When you look at the photos altogether and speed them up, the object comes alive and it looks like a film!
  • Garage Band which is used to compose music using digital instruments. Various instruments can be layered on top of each other to create a band or orchestral effect. Different music can make you feel different emotions and we talked about how this can add to the overall effect in a film and change how the audience feels.
  • iMovie which is mostly used to make live action films (regular videos) but can also be used to link and layer other movie making techniques. For example, we exported our iMotion films into iMovie and then were able to layer sound effects, music and voice overs so that each element could be heard and seen at the same time! Pretty cool huh?!

Our favourite movie making app thus far has been iMotion. We have been practising the stop motion technique by making sets for characters to move through. We have loved working in teams and fine tuning our creative and digital skills in film making!!!

12A & M go for a walk to the post box


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Measuring in 1/2ST


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Today we began measurement in 1/2ST. We learned about ‘length’, ‘width’ and how to measure an object correctly. We practised choosing an appropriate unit of measure – for example, a ‘formal’ or ‘informal’ unit. Some formal units we used were rulers and centimetres and metres. Some informal units we used were counters, plastic bugs, unifix, tubs, textas, scissors and many more! A challenge was then set to measure the width of the room. Some clever students found out that it took 20 reading tubs. The reading tubs were 34cms in length each – can you figure out how many centimetres or metres our room is!?

Subtraction Fun in 1/2ST!


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Recently students from 1/2ST have been looking at subtraction in maths. More importantly, we’ve been practising the mental strategy of ‘counting back’. It is important to master mental strategies before solving written equations.

To warm up our brains (and to have a bit of fun!) we played Subtraction Bowling. As you can see from the pictures, we had 10 pins and then 3 were knocked over, making: 10 – 3 = 7. Perhaps you would like to have a game at home! Another thing you can do at home is practise counting backwards or playing ‘Beat the Bomb’ – ask your child how. What number can you count back from? Post your comments below!


12A Experimenting with iMotion


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Family Life Victoria’s 2nd Session in 1/2C


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Friday, the 29th of April was the final session of Family Life Victoria for the 1/2 students. In 1/2C, we recapped family diversity and reviewed the body parts of males and females by playing a matching bingo game. Then Gair (our presenter) told us the story of how babies are born by showing us pictures of a foetus at various points of development as well as taking us through the process of being born using some excellent props. Students were amazed by how small we are when we start; Gair gave us each a small sugar crystal and said the cells we started as were smaller than that! Then, as we progressed through her photos, we learned that by the time a baby is ready to come out it is roughly the size of a proper AFL football, which Louis helpfully pointed out is the same size as an African Bullfrog. Gair finished by reading a great book again, this time titled, “There is a house inside my Mummy”, that outlined the changes a mother and a family go through in anticipation of a new baby. Everyone was engaged, asked lots of questions and hopefully went home with lots of ideas to share.

Here are some photos of Gair’s lesson:

Here are some photos of our reflection on the session with one thing that we learned, one thing that was fun and one thing that we liked:


Slimy Procedural Writing


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1/2ST have been writing lots of procedural texts in the past few weeks. There are 4 main parts to a procedural text: Title, Goal, Materials and Steps.

This week we made slime!!! And here is how we did it:

Title: How To Make Slime.

Goal: To make Slime.


  • Corn Flour
  • Water
  • Food Colouring
  • A bowl
  • A spoon


  1. Pour some corn flour into a bowl.
  2. Add small amounts of water and stir it into a thick paste.
  3. Mix in some food colouring
  4. Try to stir the slime really fast. How does it feel?
  5. Try to stir the slime really slow. How does it feel?

For more information on why the slime feels harder and easier to stir, check out the CSIRO website HERE.

Walk to School Day – Thursday 19th May


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On Thursday the 19th of May Bell Primary School will be having a ‘Walk to School Day‘ with a twist. Wear odd shoes and odd socks.  There will also be a gold coin donation, the money raised will go to the charity ‘Practical Action’, helping rebuild Nepal. Hope to see you all with your crazy footwear.

-Alice Macleod

1/2ST and Fractions!


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Today students of 1/2ST began fractions. Some students worked with Renee to explore the different ways to make halves, quarters and various other fractions using paper strips, whiteboards, 2D &3D shapes, everyday items and iPads. We learnt that:

  • fractions are made up of equal parts
  • fractions are not whole numbers
  • fractions can be found all around us – even in our lunch boxes!

Have a look! (See what fractions you can spot around your home! Post what you’ve found in the comments section below!)

Parent helpers wanted


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Dear Parents and Guardians,
Chelsea is in need of some parent helpers to help prepare a large amount of templates for a particular art project. The details are:
  • Monday the 9th of May from 9am – 10:40am. Stay for as long or as short amount of time as you like.
  • In the Art room.
  • The task is very simple: cutting.
If this is something you would like to help with, please sign up on the noticeboard outside the art room.

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