Teddy Bear Toast – Procedural Text Writing in 1/2ST


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Today students in 1/2ST (and some 1/2C students) made some healthy ‘Teddy Bear Toast.’ We made it to assist with our procedural text writing. To be able to make the toast, we had to follow the steps of our procedures. Take a look at our wonderful work!

“I didn’t want to eat my teddy bear toast so I gave it to the principal and she loved it!” – Tess

“Teddy bear toast is the best toast I’ve ever had!” – Jack

“I never knew teddy bears tasted so good!” – Alice

“Yum!” – Caspar

“We did a procedural text about it.” – Maia

“It is cute, yum and easy to make! I am going to make some at home!” – Hamish

“Teddy bear toast is awesome!” – Paddy

“It was yummy and fun to make.” – Liam

“We made a mess but it was still fun.” – Matilda

“I loved the taste and it was super drooper yummy!” – Isaac

“I just can’t enough!” – Luis

“The teddy bear toast was so sweet!” – Eleanor

“I drowned mine in honey! Some people got to chop up some bananas too.” – Zac

“I got to cut banana!” – Alex

“I like writing procedural texts!” – Ben

“We did a procedure and we had to write a title, goal, materials/ingredients and the steps.” – Lana

“You can try this at home if you want to!” – Molly

“Do not put the knife near the toaster.” – Lily

“You have to be safe and sensible for this activity.” – Ryan


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