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The 1/2s had their first Family Life Victoria sessions on Friday, the 15th of April. The presenters Glenys Borland and Gair Miller did a fantastic job of talking to the students about family diversity in an inclusive fashion, celebrating similarities and differences between people as well as teaching the students the correct terms for male and female body parts. The next and last session for the 1/2s is this coming Friday, the 29th of April.

Here are some quotes from 1/2C about our session with Gair:

  • “I learned that ovaries have eggs in them and I didn’t even know there were ovaries.”
  • “I liked the book she read.” (See below for a picture, it was a fantastic book about family diversity.)
  • “I liked doing the faces because it was fun drawing our families and looking at some of the pictures of our peers.”
  • “I already knew lots about this. I liked the game we played because it was fun and I liked the book.”
  • “I liked the word ovaries. I’ve never heard that word before and it sounds a bit interesting.”
  • “I liked the game Stand Up because I liked thinking about whether kids or parents have more fun.” (Gair said a series of statements such as, “Stand up if you share a room with a brother or sister…” and the students had to stand up if it applied to them. It was a great tool to acknowledge differences in families as well as the students’ own experiences.)
  • “I never knew that there was something called testicles. I also didn’t know that girls have ovaries. And also I still don’t why ladies where bras under their boobies.” (We discussed this afterwards, in the spirit of answering questions openly.)
  • “I learned how girls have that thing that starts with an o (ovaries).”
  • “I liked the bit where she showed the babies because it showed me it’s okay to be a boy or a girl.”
  • “I learned that I had testicles.”
  • “I liked that she told us about the female and the male with the egg and the sperm.”
  • “I liked how we played the game Stand Up and I also liked when we were doing (drawing) the family members and what your family is like.”
  • “I liked playing Stand Up so that we could share what we like.”
  • “I liked learning about families.”
  • “I liked the book.”

Some students also chose to respond to the session by drawing and writing. Here are some photos of their work:

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