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Today in Maths in 1/2ST we were looking at time. Did you know that there are 60 seconds in 1 minute? We used the timer on the iPads to help us measure 1 minute and how many things we could do in that time. What can you do in exactly 1 minute?

Student comments:

“Some people can do over 60 star jumps in 1 minute!” Tilly

“We had to stand up and sit down as many time as we could in 1 minute. I got 66!” Caspar

“I said ‘elephants’ 72 times in 1 minute” Luca

“I did 57 star jumps in 1 minute” Tess

“Everyone in our group did 60 or more star jumps in 1 minute” Paddy

“I wrote my name 9 times in 1 minute” Spencer

“When I was counting how many times my friend could tie her shoelaces, I learnt how to tie shoelaces!” Sienna

“I learnt how quickly I could do star jumps” Ashlin

“I liked that when we did this activity that we didn’t do the tasks longer than 60 seconds” Matilda

“It was hard but I liked it” Isaac

“At first it looked boring, but it was actually really fun!”

“You could try this game at home” Molly

Comment below if you have tried this activity at home. How many ____ could you or someone in your family do?

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