What’s new in 1/2?


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Have you been wondering what 1/2ST have been up to lately? Well here’s a quick look!


Spelling: The ‘er’ family – er, ir, ur, ear and wor

I wonder if you can find some words at home that contain these ‘er’ codes?


Maths: Addition and Time

In addition we’ve been looking at different strategies to help us. For example, ‘friends of 10’ and ‘counting on’. Ask your child if they can challenge you for a game of ‘friends of ten tennis’ or ‘friends of ten snap’ or ‘friends of ten memory’. All you need is a pack of playing cards! Some students have also been looking at different ways to make ten and making unifix towers and pic collage posters.

For time, we’ve made our own clocks to begin our learning! I wonder if your child can tell you the days of the week, months of the year and try telling you the time?


Writing: Procedural Texts

In writing we’ve been looking at procedural texts. For example, recipes, instructions etc. Today we made origami poppies and watercolour painting to celebrate ANZAC day this coming Monday. We then wrote a procedural text to accompany them!

IMG_3158IMG_3161 IMG_3163IMG_3162

We also made a recipe for pancakes. Do you think you could make something at home and write the procedure? If so, please post your creations in the comments below! Some examples could be: making a kite, a paper aeroplane or cooking something.

Be on the lookout for our next exciting procedural text! (More to come!)


Reading Groups: Synonyms, Questions and Statements

Ask your child if they can tell you what a synonym is! Can you find another synonym for ‘angry’? (Here’s one – mad) Can you find any more?

What is the difference between a question and statement? Which one is which below?

The fish swam in the river.

Do fish swim in rivers?



Gross Motor Skills: Just Dance!

To improve our gross motor skills and have a bit of fun, we danced up a storm! (And loved it!)

IMG_3147 IMG_3146 IMG_3144 IMG_3143

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Many thanks for letting us know what you’re doing in class!

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