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Hi Parents and Friends of the Year 1/2 students!

Please click the link to download and view our Term 2 newsletter.

Grade OneTwo Newsletter TERM 2 2016 Final

Narrative writing in 1/2C and G!


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The students in 1/2C and G have started talking about narrative writing!

We have discussed the different parts every story has and why they have a special order. Today we started planning our own narratives by drawing the characters, setting, problem and solution. It was great fun and we can’t wait until we get to work on them again next week.

Be sure to ask your child what their story is about, discussion at home might inspire them to be even more creative with their writing!

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Creative Story Starters by Scholastic


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Scholastic Story Starters

The grade 1/2 students across the school have continued to show a keen interest in creative writing!

The Scholastic website offers some creative, whacky, story starters that can continue to inspire the already imaginative minds of our students.

Simply click this link, select a genre (adventure, fantasy, sci-fi or scrambler), select a grade and enjoy the funny story starters that this fun, story starting machine can make!

Here’s a couple we’ve come across that made us giggle:

Write a fairy tale about a forgetful serpent whose hair has healing powers.

Describe a day at the beach with a noisy insect who enters a sand castle-building contest.

Write a funny conversation you might have with a shivering space trooper who visits other galaxies.

Write five questions to ask a red flying shark who rescues a spaceship.


Teddy Bear Toast – Procedural Text Writing in 1/2ST


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Today students in 1/2ST (and some 1/2C students) made some healthy ‘Teddy Bear Toast.’ We made it to assist with our procedural text writing. To be able to make the toast, we had to follow the steps of our procedures. Take a look at our wonderful work!

“I didn’t want to eat my teddy bear toast so I gave it to the principal and she loved it!” – Tess

“Teddy bear toast is the best toast I’ve ever had!” – Jack

“I never knew teddy bears tasted so good!” – Alice

“Yum!” – Caspar

“We did a procedural text about it.” – Maia

“It is cute, yum and easy to make! I am going to make some at home!” – Hamish

“Teddy bear toast is awesome!” – Paddy

“It was yummy and fun to make.” – Liam

“We made a mess but it was still fun.” – Matilda

“I loved the taste and it was super drooper yummy!” – Isaac

“I just can’t enough!” – Luis

“The teddy bear toast was so sweet!” – Eleanor

“I drowned mine in honey! Some people got to chop up some bananas too.” – Zac

“I got to cut banana!” – Alex

“I like writing procedural texts!” – Ben

“We did a procedure and we had to write a title, goal, materials/ingredients and the steps.” – Lana

“You can try this at home if you want to!” – Molly

“Do not put the knife near the toaster.” – Lily

“You have to be safe and sensible for this activity.” – Ryan


Family Life in 1/2


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The 1/2s had their first Family Life Victoria sessions on Friday, the 15th of April. The presenters Glenys Borland and Gair Miller did a fantastic job of talking to the students about family diversity in an inclusive fashion, celebrating similarities and differences between people as well as teaching the students the correct terms for male and female body parts. The next and last session for the 1/2s is this coming Friday, the 29th of April.

Here are some quotes from 1/2C about our session with Gair:

  • “I learned that ovaries have eggs in them and I didn’t even know there were ovaries.”
  • “I liked the book she read.” (See below for a picture, it was a fantastic book about family diversity.)
  • “I liked doing the faces because it was fun drawing our families and looking at some of the pictures of our peers.”
  • “I already knew lots about this. I liked the game we played because it was fun and I liked the book.”
  • “I liked the word ovaries. I’ve never heard that word before and it sounds a bit interesting.”
  • “I liked the game Stand Up because I liked thinking about whether kids or parents have more fun.” (Gair said a series of statements such as, “Stand up if you share a room with a brother or sister…” and the students had to stand up if it applied to them. It was a great tool to acknowledge differences in families as well as the students’ own experiences.)
  • “I never knew that there was something called testicles. I also didn’t know that girls have ovaries. And also I still don’t why ladies where bras under their boobies.” (We discussed this afterwards, in the spirit of answering questions openly.)
  • “I learned how girls have that thing that starts with an o (ovaries).”
  • “I liked the bit where she showed the babies because it showed me it’s okay to be a boy or a girl.”
  • “I learned that I had testicles.”
  • “I liked that she told us about the female and the male with the egg and the sperm.”
  • “I liked how we played the game Stand Up and I also liked when we were doing (drawing) the family members and what your family is like.”
  • “I liked playing Stand Up so that we could share what we like.”
  • “I liked learning about families.”
  • “I liked the book.”

Some students also chose to respond to the session by drawing and writing. Here are some photos of their work:

One Minute Please!


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Today in Maths in 1/2ST we were looking at time. Did you know that there are 60 seconds in 1 minute? We used the timer on the iPads to help us measure 1 minute and how many things we could do in that time. What can you do in exactly 1 minute?

Student comments:

“Some people can do over 60 star jumps in 1 minute!” Tilly

“We had to stand up and sit down as many time as we could in 1 minute. I got 66!” Caspar

“I said ‘elephants’ 72 times in 1 minute” Luca

“I did 57 star jumps in 1 minute” Tess

“Everyone in our group did 60 or more star jumps in 1 minute” Paddy

“I wrote my name 9 times in 1 minute” Spencer

“When I was counting how many times my friend could tie her shoelaces, I learnt how to tie shoelaces!” Sienna

“I learnt how quickly I could do star jumps” Ashlin

“I liked that when we did this activity that we didn’t do the tasks longer than 60 seconds” Matilda

“It was hard but I liked it” Isaac

“At first it looked boring, but it was actually really fun!”

“You could try this game at home” Molly

Comment below if you have tried this activity at home. How many ____ could you or someone in your family do?

Sunshine Classics


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Sunshine Classics is a fun digital way for students to be working on their reading at home and at school. The program provides digital versions of stories that have been in print for a number of years.

Every student in years Prep – Two has been allocated a student login and password, which will be distributed once parent consent notes have been returned.

To log in to Sunshine Classics you can visit the website or download the app.

If you need a new consent form please see your child’s classroom teacher or click the link below to download and print a new one.

Sunshine Classics parent consent form


iMotion in 1/2ST


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Ask your child if they know what ‘iMotion’ is! It’s a really fun program on the iPad that allows you to make movies from lots of photographs. It was so much fun!

Narrative Writing


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Hi there!

As some of you may know, the 1/2s have been working really hard with their Narrative Writing over the past few weeks in class. Students are creating some really amazing stories!! We have loved reading them all!

We have recently been using an online resource by scholastic which assists students in choosing themes for their stories. Most students have absolutely loved using this resource so we thought we’d post the link for students to have some fun with it at home.

Happy writing 1/2s!! Feel free to share some of your awesome stories with the class 🙂


What’s new in 1/2?


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Have you been wondering what 1/2ST have been up to lately? Well here’s a quick look!


Spelling: The ‘er’ family – er, ir, ur, ear and wor

I wonder if you can find some words at home that contain these ‘er’ codes?


Maths: Addition and Time

In addition we’ve been looking at different strategies to help us. For example, ‘friends of 10’ and ‘counting on’. Ask your child if they can challenge you for a game of ‘friends of ten tennis’ or ‘friends of ten snap’ or ‘friends of ten memory’. All you need is a pack of playing cards! Some students have also been looking at different ways to make ten and making unifix towers and pic collage posters.

For time, we’ve made our own clocks to begin our learning! I wonder if your child can tell you the days of the week, months of the year and try telling you the time?


Writing: Procedural Texts

In writing we’ve been looking at procedural texts. For example, recipes, instructions etc. Today we made origami poppies and watercolour painting to celebrate ANZAC day this coming Monday. We then wrote a procedural text to accompany them!

IMG_3158IMG_3161 IMG_3163IMG_3162

We also made a recipe for pancakes. Do you think you could make something at home and write the procedure? If so, please post your creations in the comments below! Some examples could be: making a kite, a paper aeroplane or cooking something.

Be on the lookout for our next exciting procedural text! (More to come!)


Reading Groups: Synonyms, Questions and Statements

Ask your child if they can tell you what a synonym is! Can you find another synonym for ‘angry’? (Here’s one – mad) Can you find any more?

What is the difference between a question and statement? Which one is which below?

The fish swam in the river.

Do fish swim in rivers?



Gross Motor Skills: Just Dance!

To improve our gross motor skills and have a bit of fun, we danced up a storm! (And loved it!)

IMG_3147 IMG_3146 IMG_3144 IMG_3143

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