1/2C and 1/2G’s trip to the post box!


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1/2G and 1/2C have been busy writing letters over the past few weeks. We have learnt about how you write a letter, why people send letters and what you need to do to post a letter in the mail. We have all worked really hard!!  Today we walked to the post box at the end of Scotia street to post our letters. It was very exciting, we even saw the post man!

  • When I went to post my letter, I felt happy – Lily
  • When I was writing my letter, I felt excited because when when my grandparents get it I think they will be excited too. I hope I get a letter back – Grace
  • When I posted my letter I whispered “Bye” to it – Liam
  • I haven’t posted a letter to anyone before so I was excited – Alexei
  • I was excited because the person I posted my letter to has never had a letter before – Leon
  • We were surprised that we could reach the letter box – Will, Samson and Charlotte
  • I felt happy because it is fun to post letters. I learnt that you need to have a post code on an envelope so that it will go to the right place– Tully
  • I learnt that you have to put the stamps on and if you don’t it wont get to the person you want it to – Elsie
  • I learnt that stamps cost 70c and I have an airmail sticker because it is going overseas to America – Stuart

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I really liked walking down to the post box and posting the letters a lot! I couldn’t wait to finish my letter and go to the post box. I can’t wait til Nanna and Noel get my letter and I wish to get a letter back. I like seeing the photos on the blog a lot. Thanks for taking them Gab! Scout.

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