Spelling in 1/2ST – ‘y’ not ‘i’


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Yesterday 1/2ST explored some spelling. Did you know that the letter ‘i’ was very NAUGHTY!? Shock, horror! Long ago on the Island of Language the letter ‘i’ did something SO SHOCKING it can never be talked of AGAIN…. The king was so horrified that he banned the letter ‘i’ from being at the end of any english word. He then chose the letter ‘y’ to take its place. Some of the students in 1/2ST pondered over what might have happened:

“The letter ‘i’ went to gaol and it floated away and he got to eat nothing ever again.” – Lily

“I think ‘i’ stole ‘y’s sound and then the king got angry.” – Alice

“I think ‘i’ was very naughty and he kicked the king! And then ‘y’ said that he would save him.” – Alexandra

“I think that ‘i’ turned off the generator that activates all the power and the forcefield that keeps away evil spirits. ‘y’ turned the generator back on and the king saw it and then as a reward ‘y’ got to replace ‘i’.” – Hamish

“I think that ‘i’ was tickling the other letters when they didn’t want it and ‘y’ put ‘i’ into gaol and the king of the codes let ‘y’ go at the end of the words instead of ‘i’.” – Paddy

“I think that ‘i’ got on an aeroplane for a trip and left the island so that he was missing and no one could read.” – Luca

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