Celebrating Inquiry in 1/2ST


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Today students from 1/2ST had an opportunity to celebrate their learning from their individual inquiries. Students chose and researched a question of interest to them relating to ‘Our Environment’. Some questions consisted of things such as:

  • How do we attract more butterflies to our garden?
  • Where is Bell Primary School located in the world?
  • What are the best conditions for four leaf clovers to grow?
  • Why can’t we have pets at school?
  • Why was the third floor shut?
  • Why can’t we have icy-poles at school?
  • Why can’t we have a water slide at school?
  • Are there any minerals in the school?

We all chose different ways to ‘find out’ during the process. Some people wrote letters to experts, used surveys, books and the internet, and tested and trialled various experiments. We then chose different ways to display our learning. For example, new signs for the school, dioramas, booklets, butterfly houses, posters, digital artworks and even a persuasive written proposal to Ms. Pearce!

Take a look at some of our wonderful learning!

1/2A & M are transforming (flipping, sliding & turning)


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1/2C and 1/2G’s trip to the post box!


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1/2G and 1/2C have been busy writing letters over the past few weeks. We have learnt about how you write a letter, why people send letters and what you need to do to post a letter in the mail. We have all worked really hard!!  Today we walked to the post box at the end of Scotia street to post our letters. It was very exciting, we even saw the post man!

  • When I went to post my letter, I felt happy – Lily
  • When I was writing my letter, I felt excited because when when my grandparents get it I think they will be excited too. I hope I get a letter back – Grace
  • When I posted my letter I whispered “Bye” to it – Liam
  • I haven’t posted a letter to anyone before so I was excited – Alexei
  • I was excited because the person I posted my letter to has never had a letter before – Leon
  • We were surprised that we could reach the letter box – Will, Samson and Charlotte
  • I felt happy because it is fun to post letters. I learnt that you need to have a post code on an envelope so that it will go to the right place– Tully
  • I learnt that you have to put the stamps on and if you don’t it wont get to the person you want it to – Elsie
  • I learnt that stamps cost 70c and I have an airmail sticker because it is going overseas to America – Stuart

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Galactic Glitter 2D and 3D Shapes


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Today in 1/2ST we made galactic glitter play dough – from scratch! We took turns to mix, pour, kneed and then finally make our own 2D and 3D shapes! Take a look:

Inquiry – How will we attract more butterflies to the butterfly garden?


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1/2ST have been investigating how to attract more butterflies to the butterfly garden. Many of us have different theories about what will work – (Colours, flowers, smells, heat, food, habitat, etc.) Today we tried making ‘butterfly mud pies’ to attract more butterflies. We used dirt, water, sugar and salt. What do you think will happen?

Will all of our mud pies work or will only some? None? Keep an eye out for our pies!

Spelling in 1/2ST – ‘y’ not ‘i’


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Yesterday 1/2ST explored some spelling. Did you know that the letter ‘i’ was very NAUGHTY!? Shock, horror! Long ago on the Island of Language the letter ‘i’ did something SO SHOCKING it can never be talked of AGAIN…. The king was so horrified that he banned the letter ‘i’ from being at the end of any english word. He then chose the letter ‘y’ to take its place. Some of the students in 1/2ST pondered over what might have happened:

“The letter ‘i’ went to gaol and it floated away and he got to eat nothing ever again.” – Lily

“I think ‘i’ stole ‘y’s sound and then the king got angry.” – Alice

“I think ‘i’ was very naughty and he kicked the king! And then ‘y’ said that he would save him.” – Alexandra

“I think that ‘i’ turned off the generator that activates all the power and the forcefield that keeps away evil spirits. ‘y’ turned the generator back on and the king saw it and then as a reward ‘y’ got to replace ‘i’.” – Hamish

“I think that ‘i’ was tickling the other letters when they didn’t want it and ‘y’ put ‘i’ into gaol and the king of the codes let ‘y’ go at the end of the words instead of ‘i’.” – Paddy

“I think that ‘i’ got on an aeroplane for a trip and left the island so that he was missing and no one could read.” – Luca

Place Value Activities for Home


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Not sure of what to do at home with your child? Try some of these Place Value games and activities! To be able to master other kinds of maths, we need a strong understanding of ‘place value’. This means understanding the ‘value’ of each digit in a number. For example, knowing that 14 is ‘one ten’ and ‘four units/ones’. Enjoy!

Shaping Up


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1/2ST have begun exploring 2D and 3D shapes in Maths.

We are practising describing the parts of a shape and identifying them in our environment. Some groups used the iPads to document the shapes they could see inside the classroom.

A fun game you can play at home is ‘Guess what shape I am?’ Have a go at describing the parts of a shape and see if your child can guess it.

When describing 2D or flat shapes, practise describing how many sides and how many corners the shape has.

When describing 3D or ‘pop out’ shapes, describe how many edges, faces (the flat surface of the shape) and corners (or vertices) the shape has.

Can you guess my shape?

  • I have 1 side
  • My side is curved
  • I have no corners
  • I am a…


  • I have 3 sides
  • My sides are straight
  • I have 3 corners
  • I am a…


  • I have 6 faces
  • I have 8 vertices (corners)
  • I have 12 edges
  • I am a…


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