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Did you know that every number is made of up digits? And that each digit has a special value depending on where it sits in that number?

1/2ST has been learning about Place Value in our Just Right Maths groups.

Place Value House

For example, the number 24 is made up of 2 Tens and 4 Ones.

Place Value House_student sample

The number 3142 is made up of 4 digits. They are 3 Thousands, 1 Hundred, 4 Tens and 2 Ones. Or can be written as: 3000 + 100 + 40 + 2.


We have been identifying what values different digits have and have been showing them using icy pole sticks and MAB blocks.

Place Value House_student sample 2

Can you name a ‘just right’ number for your child and ask them what values the digits within that number have?

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Hey there
This looks good. Can someone explain a just right number? I am guessing it is a bit like just right reading but what is the best way to find out what a just right number is? Thank you

Hi Anna,

You are absolutely right! A ‘Just Right Number’ will vary depending on whether your child is working on 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 digit numbers during place value in their maths groups.

The students should be able to tell you if they are working in the ones and tens (ie. 2 digit numbers), ones, tens and hundreds (3 digit numbers), etc.

Thanks for your great question!

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