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In 1/2G we have been exploring measurement. In pairs we made our own metre rulers out of paper!


To make our metre rulers we used a 30cm ruler to rule strips of paper. We joined our strips of paper together and checked the size of our rules against the metre ruler in our classroom.

We used the rulers we made to measure objects inside and outside of the classroom. Using the iPads we took photos of what we measured and categorised them into shorter than, same as and longer than a metre using a template on PicCollage. It was great fun taking our learning outside the classroom, the sunshine was an added bonus!

At the end of the lesson we used a new reflection tool, reflection dice with QR codes on them. Students used an iPad to scan the QR code on the dice to find a reflection question or statement. They then responded to that question or statement during our whole class share time at the end of the session.




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Looks like fun learning!

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