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1/2ST have been working hard on their money unit this term. Below are some of the things we have been learning:

  • To identify the values of Australian coins and notes.
  • That most countries have unique currencies eg. AUD, USD, JPY
    and some countries share the same currency eg. EUR.
  • The relationship between cents and dollars
    ie. 100c = $1
  • That value does not relate to the size of coins

Lesson 2_Value_at level

  • There are lots of ways to show one value.
    eg. You can show $1 with 20 x 5c / 10 x 10c  / 5 x 20c /2 x 50c / 1 x $1 coin.


  • That there are specific features on coins and notes that help us identify their value.

Money_Aus Coins

  • That we can use skip counting strategies to count money.
  • That money is used in the real world to buy and sell things.

At the end of the money unit the students made their own products to buy and sell in their very own classroom shops. The classroom was transformed into a busy market place where the students used their new knowledge and skills in a play-based, real life scenario. The students demonstrated great teamwork, creativity, problem solving and reasoning throughout the lesson. We are so proud of all their learning!




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