Kaboom! Pop! Bang! Whoosh!


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The 1/2 students made some great hypotheses about what would happen when they mixed bicarbonate soda and vinegar in a water bottle with a balloon over it…

I think it will go kaboom!

I think the balloon will pop!

I think it will make a loud bang noise.

I think it will whoosh off into the sky!



Then the fun experiment began!



There was a tense atmosphere of anticipation as the balloon began to grow.

  • Would the balloon explode?
  • Would the classroom explode?



Fewks! We were all safe and no explosions occurred. (Better luck next time Mr.A)

Finally we drew the results. What had we observed during our experiment?

The balloon grew really big!

I thought it was going to explode but luckily it didn’t.

That was so much fun! I was so scared it would pop but it just got bigger.



What was happening? The vinegar mixed with the bar carbonate soda and made a chemical reaction. When they mixed together they made a gas called carbon dioxide. The gas rose up, filled and stretched the balloon! Cool huh?!

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Oh my goodness, this all looks like so much fun! Thanks teachers for giving them such a fun day!

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