1/2ST’s Arrays


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The students in 1/2ST have been learning to make arrays. Arrays are a neat arrangement of rows that help to teach the foundations of multiplication. Have a look at this quick video to see the students of 1/2ST hard at work. We hope you enjoy it!



Open Morning


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Open learning families

Open Morning Thursday 24 June

Thank you to everyone who attended this morning’s open classrooms. It was a great opportunity for children to share their learning with their family. Those who could not attend due to work commitments will be pleased to know that all children had the opportunity to share their work with visiting adults.

All feedback received has been noted and will be considered when planning future events.

The 1/2 Team


1/2ST Array City!


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This week we worked on making arrays for multiplication. We made arrays out of many different materials; counters, teddies, stickers, MAB, unifix, blocks and sequins. Then we consolidated our knowledge by making these wonderful ‘array cities’!

They Divided by Twos


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Today in 1/2AM we had a special visitor, Dylan from 3/4, who came down to work with us in maths as part of some professional learning.

The children were split into ‘just right, groups, some working with Dylan and Mrs McGowan and some working with Mr A. We explored the concept of division.

There were a variety of activities that students participated in to gain an understanding of making equal groups and Mrs McGowan’s group focused on dividing collections in half/in two equal groups.

Here are some pics from our lesson, thanks to Ryder:




Later on some vides will be added of some of the great learning that occurred and was recorded using our iPads.

1/2ST Reconciliation Week


Posted by reneetimion | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on June 3, 2015

Reconciliation is about building better relationships between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for the benefit of all Australians. Have a look at what we made today! You can find these near the front of the school near our ANZAC sculpture.

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