Bell Primary School ANZAC Day School’s Awards


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As mentioned in last week Bell News we have created a blog that celebrates all the amazing learning that took place over the past couple of years with regards to commemorating the service men and women who served with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. This was created as part of our submission for the ANZAC day school’s awards. Please click the link to view and share widely. Bell Primary School ANZAC Commemoration.

Art and Design Inquiry


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During Inquiry the Art and Design group have been busy planning and creating lots of interesting things. Everyone is doing such a great job!

If there are any parents or friends who would be interested in coming to help during Inquiry time please feel free to come along next Thursday at 11.45!

Chinese Paper Lanterns


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A BIG thank you to Swee who helped us make Chinese lanterns. Don’t they look great?IMG_2358

1/2T Fine Motor Practise


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Fine motor skills are essential for performing everyday skills like cutting, self care tasks (e.g. managing clothing fastenings, opening lunch boxes, cleaning teeth) and pencil skills. We often incorporate fine motor activities before our handwriting sessions. We love doing them too!

Some suggested activities to do at home could be threading (of any sort), knitting, tracing mazes, letters, shapes, drawing circles or lego – anything ‘fiddly’!

Welcome Rachael!


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1/2ST are lucky to have Rachael, a student from La Trobe university, working with us for the next three weeks. Please welcome Racheal!


1/2ST’s Oral Hygiene Posters


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1/2ST have been learning about how to keep their mouths healthy, clean and white. We watched a really cool video about how to look after our mouths which included some characters called Tooth Defenders! They taught us some very interesting things including:

  • Brush your teeth 2 times a day; after breakfast and before you go to sleep
  • Brush your teeth for 2 minutes. It helps to use a timer.
  • Change your toothbrush every 3 months
  • Brush your teeth, gums and tongue to keep your whole mouth clean
  • Use dental floss to clean areas that a toothbrush can’t reach. If you are under 8, ask an adult to help you.
  • Plaque + sugar = bad acid
  • Visit the dentist every 6 months for a checkup and clean

1/2ST worked in teams to create these amazing posters with the iPads! We can’t believe how creative they have been. We hope you like their posters as much as we do!

Sara and Renee.

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Bell Biennale News – Thursday 4th June


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bell biennale poster

Hi 1/2 families,

The Bell Biennale is fast approaching! Invitations will be sent home this week so keep an eye out in your students’ blue satchels.

As you know, the event is an Asian festival of art and will consist of performances and artwork by the grade 3-6 students. The prep, one, two students will contribute to the festival through a dedicated display in the learning centre. All families are invited to the big event including the much anticipated opening ceremony which will be at:

2.30pm, Thursday 4th June
It’s going to be a must see!
The festival will run until 6.30pm.

As mentioned in today’s P/1/2 assembly, the prep, one, two students will be having a christmas concert at the end of the year to provide an opportunity for a celebration of the year’s achievements and to demonstrate student creativity. More information will be provided about this during term 4.

The 1/2 team very much looks forward to seeing you all at the Bell Biennale to celebrate our Asian studies and all of Bell Primary School’s students’ achievements!


Parent helpers for Preps


Posted by Chelsea Kneale | Posted in Art and Craft | Posted on May 10, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,
I am in need of some parent helpers during my Prep art classes on Tuesday 12th of May. It would be great to have 1 or 2 parent-helpers per session. If you have some spare time on Tuesday and would like to come in and help (and hopefully have some fun!) I would be very grateful! There will be a sign up sheet on the Arts notice board outside the art room – just pop your name down for the session/s you would like to help out with.
Kind regards,

1/2A & M making arrays


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Real Life Arrays


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We have been talking about operations a lot this term – Addition, Subtraction and now Multiplication!

Below is a great video of places you can find items arranged in an array in everyday life – what better way is there to make Maths meaningful?

Have a look at the video and then see what you can find around your home or on your way to/from school. Make sure to leave a comment here on the blog about the places you found arrays.


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