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Today author and illustrator Gabrielle Wang joined us for a fantastic session. She spoke a little bit about herself as a child, her experiences and challenges as a published author and her creative process. Gabrielle read her favourite passage from her book ‘The Lion Drummer’ and taught us a step by step process on how to draw ‘Peng’. We saw photographs of ‘Da Long’, the lion drummer dragon and had a look at her different books from other countries. Students are continuing to work on their illustrations of Peng, adding details such as scales, using a fine liner and coloured pencils.

Here are a few comments from the students about their favourite part of Gabrielle’s visit:

“I liked it how I had a go at copying Gabrielle’s drawing. I was really brave and had a go even though normally I might be a bit scared to try copying something.” – Verity

“I liked how Gabrielle took her time to draw her dragon. She looked very cute in her photo from when she was a kid.” – Dana

“I like the front cover of The Lion Drummer because the illustrations are very detailed.” – Alice

“I really liked Gabrielle’s first illustratios because it had non-fiction animals like koalas, kookaburras and wombats, and it also had a fictional character which looked like a bear-skunky-thing.” – Oscar

“I liked Gabrielle’s skateboarding dog called Saffy” – Iona

“I liked how Gabrielle drew in particular steps because it was easier for us to copy.” – Archie

“I liked it when we heard about her books because I liked to learn about how she came up with her ideas.” – Acacia

“I liked it when we did the drawing because we could choose the colours and we learnt how to draw scales, a lion’s head and lolly pop tails.” – Ashlin

“I liked doing the drawing because we got to learn how to draw a lion.” – Chloe
“I liked looking at the pictures of Da Long because I had never seen him before but we’d read about him in The Lion Drummer.” – Malachy
“I liked drawing the dragon because I liked doing the scales, the head and the tail.” – Tully
“I liked looking at the pictures of the dragons and Da Long.” – Leon

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Great info here, thank you! Looks like Gabrielle’s visit was lots of fun.

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