1/2ST Patterns!


Posted by saratat | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on April 13, 2015

1/2ST haven’t skipped a beat on our first day back to school! Today we were learning about patterns.

  • Patterns are things that are arranged following a rule. 

Patterns are all around us and help us predict what will happen next. They can be made of lots of different things. Today we looked at patterns made of shapes and colours.

Have a look at the patterns 1/2ST made today and see if you can identify their rules.

Image Image4  Image7  Image10 Image12  Image14 Image16 Image17 Image19Image8Image13


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Arrays are fun to play with and make my learning go up through the roof.Arrays are fun. Arrays are part of maths.I like Sara and Renee.

Sienna T.

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