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Every Friday afternoon, 1/2M hosts a class meeting. We always start by collecting any questions we may have about what’s been happening in class or at school. Some of our questions were:

  • “Why do we have two teachers?”
  • “Why do most classrooms have a class pet?”
  • “How can we make the people in tiggy slow down?” (Which then prompted many discussions about the rules of tiggy and what is fair.)

Then we discuss any changes we would like to make either in class or in the yard. When appropriate, we have a vote to decide what we will do in the future. Some suggestions that came up were:

  • “I think we should change the reading corner, it’s very squishy and too small.”
  • “I don’t think it’s fair that someone told me what to do in the yard.”
  • “I think we should do the roll first thing in the morning so that the reading monitors have time to do their job.”

We also discuss any Aha moments. These are times that we realised something or made an unexpected connection. Some ‘light bulb moments’ were:

  • “I found out that we have a collection of dictionaries.”
  • “I didn’t realise we have coloured paper on the windows to block the sun.”
  • “I can see that we need to have some more discussions about tiggy.”

Finally, we finish with positives, where we list all things that are going well (that we have time for, there’s always many hands in the air for this section), such as:

  • “I like what we’ve been doing in writing.”
  • “I’ve been having fun outside.”
  • “I like everything.” (How lovely is that?!)

Below is a list of some of the changes we have made based on our class meeting discussions:

  • Mrs. McGowan bought us a class pet and changed the configuration of the reading corner so that it wasn’t so squishy.
  • Rylee and Mrs. McGowan had quite a few extra meetings with the students who play tiggy to help ease some of the frustrations that were bubbling up during the game and Rylee ran a lesson on problem solving based on these discussions.
  • We now mark the roll at the different time so that the sachet monitors can have some time to do their job.
  • We now change our monitor jobs every two weeks.

As you can see, this meeting is an important chance for us to come together as a group and reflect on how everything is going. The teachers take minutes and act on as many suggestions as they can. Because we all make sure to show respect when someone is talking, it is time when all members of the class (students and teachers) can share their ideas to make our class great.

In the past we’ve also tacked on a JSC report from Zach, our JSC Representative once our discussion is finished. However, in the next meeting, Rylee’s going to suggest that we move it to the beginning so that he’s not so rushed. We’ll have a vote and see what the class decides. 🙂

Class meeting 1 Class meeting 2 Class meeting 3


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Thanks for a very interesting and informative post. Helps prompt discussion at home as well.

Thanks for the feedback Nicola. I’m so glad it’s informative and also helps to make a link between home and school. Much appreciated.

These meetings sound great, would love to know if all classes are doing them?

Thanks for your comment Alice. Yes, all classes do this on a weekly basis.

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