1/2ST are a clever bunch!


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1/2ST have been doing some amazing work in literacy lately. We’ve been enjoying books like ‘The Lion Drummer’ during Reading Groups, learning all about full stops, capital letters and nouns. We’ve been writing some fantastic ‘sizziling starts’ to draw in the attention of the reader. We’ve been learning some amazing things during spelling that can help us not only in our writing, but also in our reading!

For example – did you know!?

If the letter ‘c’ in a word is followed by an ‘e’, ‘i’ or a ‘y’, then it will ALWAYS make it’s second sound ‘s’. The letter ‘g’ follows a similiar rule. Therefore, ‘g’  USUALLY makes it’s second sound ‘j’ when the next letter is an ‘e’, ‘i’ or a ‘y’. We practised finding some today:

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

It’s a pretty tricky task! (But not for 1/2ST students!) I wonder if you can solve these words at home!?

cent, page, cycle, car, city, gate, giraffe, ice

Also, ask your child all about the letter ‘i’ and why he was so naughty! What is he now not allowed to do? Which letter came along to save the day?


Today we also revisited ‘place value’ and challenged ourselves with some larger numbers. Take a look!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 5 photo 4

Our icy-pole sticks are either in ‘ones’, bundles of ‘tens’, ‘hundreds’ (10 bundles of 10 in a zip lock bag) or even ‘thousands’ (we filled an entire shopping bag full of 10 bags of 100s!)

We had a blast!

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