Odd and Even


Posted by meganmcgowan | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on February 10, 2015

This week, students in 12A and 12M have been looking at odd and even numbers and skip-counting patterns.

Some of us learn about Odd Todd and Even Steven. Even Steven (like most of us) likes everything to be fair and even so when there are snacks about each person has to get the same. Odd Todd does NOT like things to be even. He is happiest when everyone gets a different amount.

Students had fun experimenting with dividing popcorn kernels into two groups. If the amount could be divided equally between two, then the kernels went to Even Steven. If the amount couldn’t be divided equally between two, then the kernels went to Odd Todd.


Today we kept exploring Odd and Even numbers, first by playing a game similar to Snap! With playing cards, except instead of snapping a pair, players just had to snap every single ODD number! It was so tricky! This is something you could continue to play at home. Also with playing cards you can time how long it takes to split all of the cards into a pile of odd numbers and a pile of even numbers.



We also made our own Even Steven and Odd Todd to take home.



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