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Posted by moya | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on December 2, 2014

This year 1/2L have been lucky enough to have tadpoles as a class pet. We have watched our little Swamp Marsh tadpoles grow slowly since Term 2 and last week we finally got to two little frogs! We called them Num and TNT. They were very cute and very small. It has been wonderful to watch them go through the stages of metamorphosis. We have seen them grow 2 legs, then grow 2 more legs, get bigger and bigger and finally lose their tales. We have learnt lots about the life cycles of frogs. Last Friday, Moya took them down to the Wetlands and let them go so they could enjoy some happy life of freedom. Here are our friends!

We would like to say a thank you to Martine and Sonia for helping set the tank up and a big thank you to Pauline for keeping an extra eye on our babies! You are all wonderful.

Below are some of our wishes and hopes for our frogs and their new lives.

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I wish that they become the most awesome frogs in the world – Taj

I hope they have a nice life being free – Zach

I hope they live a long and happy life – Sarah

I hope they never die – Malachy

I hope they a nice christmas – Winnie

I hope they grow into the biggest frogs in the world – Arel

I hope they grow as old as us! – Poppy

I hope they don’t get eaten – Verity

I hope their life cycle keeps going on and on – Maggie

I hope that Num appears on my head – Sam

I’m looking forward to seeing them again someday – Sunday

I hope they grow up into big frogs and have babies – Violet

I hope I see TNT soon – Henry

I hope they make clones of themselves – Liam

I hope they grow up to be really spotty – Alice

They are awesome – Josh

I hope they survive – Archer

I hope they grow bigger than my hand – Ben

I hope they make babies – Harrison

2/3 Day Camp


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What a fabulous, fun filled afternoon and evening we had together! You’ve probably heard all abut it now but we did great activities like the cable maze, stomp a stump, create a scene, build a robot, the puzzle room and peg fast. We also got to eat delicious spaghetti bolognese for dinner. Here are some of our happy snaps so you can see what we got up to. Enjoy checking out our adventures!

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Italiano Spettacolo!


Posted by moya | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on December 1, 2014

Today we had our Italian incursion at Bell PS. We were visited by the lovely Claudia, who had won a trip to Rome on a quiz show. She took us along for a ride on her vespa as she visited the sights of Rome, the capital of Italy. We are learnt some new things about Rome, some interesting facts about Italy and some new Italian words. There was lots of singing along, fun and action to be had!

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It was epic – Malachy

I really liked all the outfits – Violet

I learnt that the some of the things were man made – Zach

It was super funny – Poppy

I learnt that ‘su’ is up in Italian – Alice

It was action packed – Sarah

The whole thing was awesome – Henry

I got to wave a flag and cheer on at a soccer game – Maggie

The actress was funny – Archie

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