1/2A & 1/2M’s Bouncy Eggsperiment!


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‘1/2A  & 1/2M have been doing science this term. We put eggs in jars and soaked them in water, vinegar and pt one with both. Mr. A got a bit too excited and popped the egg. The water egg cracked a bit, and the the vinegar egg bounced’ – Ben and Charlie

‘We soaked an egg in water, vinegar and water and vinegar. Firstly we touched and smelt and then dropped the eggs. The vinegar eggs felt the weirdest. It felt squishy and it bounced when we dropped it’ – Gus

‘1/2M & 1/2A did an eggcelent science experiment! We soaked eggs, felt them and dropped them. We had lots of fun’ – Ruby

In 1/2A & 1/2M we did a science experiment. We predicted what will happen and dropped eggs. The egg that was soaked in vinegar felt squishy and gooey’ – Grace & Caitlin

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I love your eggsperiments grade 1/2. Some fantastic results!

Well done Grade 1/2s. How wonderful it is that we can capture our learning using technology and then share it with families and the Bell Community. Science can be so much fun. Well done to you all.

Great experimentation … the kids clearly enjoyed it!

So cute! I never knew that!

What a wonderful experiment 1/2s and I love how well you can all speak about what you are learning. Great job!

What a fantastic experiment! I really loved all the predictions that you all did about what might happen. Poor Mr A when he got too excited about the experiment. I am glad that the egg DIDN’T go on anyone when it broke! I loved all the learning that you did with this science topic. FANTASTIC!

I really enjoyed watching everything you did and discussed during your great Science experiment project.I really liked the scientific words you were using! FANTASTIC!

The tension as Mr A squeezed was eggscruciating….Great stuff folks!

It was funny when Mr A got a bit too excited. Well done 1/2’s what a fabulous way to learn science. Can’t wait for the next experiment.

Great work everyone. That was awesome entertainment. I really thought that egg was heading towards Mr A’s mouth instead of the ground. I wonder what a vinegar soaked egg would have tasted like. Thanks for sharing.

Not sure what it would’ve tasted like but I can tell you that my hands smelt for the next few days! Gross

eggcellent stuff kids!
Thanks teachers for making science fun, messy and therefore interesting!

great work! I liked the sound effects! very professional.

Thanks for sharing such a terrific experiment with all of us mums and dads! Great to see learning being so much fun!!!

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