1/2LT present ‘How to make a Lava Lamp!’


Posted by moya | Posted in ICT | Posted on October 24, 2014

Yesterday in 1/2L we had a fabulous, fun filled, scientific afternoon making mini lava lamps!

Working in small groups, we made ‘how to’ videos to explain the experiment. We then voted the best video, as a whole group. The videos needed to include all the aspects of a procedural text – Title, Aim (Introduction), Materials (Equipment) and the Procedure (Method). We also thought a little bit of creativity would add to it and make it entertaining for an audience.

There was amazing learning happening and some fantastic teamwork throughout the afternoon. Every group had a unique little take on the experiment and made the video their own. Some groups included everyone, some filmed up nice and close and others used humour to make it interesting. We are incredibly proud of all the 1/2s and the hard work but we could only have one winner.

Below is our top pick, maybe you can follow the steps and try this at home too!

If video doesn’t play click this link here.

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Guys, that is SUPER cool! I think I might need to show this video to my class so we can make lava lamps too!

You definitely should Lauren, it was lots of fun! We’d love to hear all about it too.

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