Yum, Yum, Yum! Fresh fruit and veg in my tum!


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Today the 1/2s had a visit from Market Fresh! There were two lovely ladies named Carolyn and Tisha who talked to us about the Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market in Melbourne. There are 4,000 people who work at the market. It is the biggest market in the Southern hemisphere and the 5th biggest market in the world. How cool!

They explained how fruit and vegetables got from the farm to us. First they harvest and collect the fruit and vegetables. Then it is packaged and transport to the market. After this it gets bought and taken to a shop to sell the fruit and vegetables. Then we buy it.

After our great talk and little video, we got to eat the delicious fruit that is supplied to us by the market and the excellent farmers. We ate cucumbers, oranges, apples, bananas, capsicum, pear and more. Some of us were very brave and tried new things. It was incredibly delicious and a great snack, some of the freshest food we had ever eaten!

A big thank you to our parent helpers who chopped up all the delicious fruit and vegetables for us. You are wonderful!

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Here our some of our thoughts –

I’m really proud of myself because I tried a banana and my tastebuds have changed. Now I like it. Ben

I learnt not to put tomatoes in the fridge, otherwise it will stop them from ripening. Maggie

My favourite was the apple. Henry

Don’t break the branches of trees to help fruit grow. Sienna

Fruit and vegetables are super heroes because they are good for you. Arel

You have tastebuds in your mouth. Harrison

I’m going home to take the tomatoes out of the fridge. Zach

Fruit and veg is delicious! Sarah

You can put grapes in the freezer to make fruit blocks. Archer

I learnt that there are heaps of colours of capsicum. Violet

I liked the pear. Connor

Eat healthy food. Poppy

I tried white capsicum. Malachy

Fruit and vegetables are awesome. Taj

It was awesome because we got to eat fruit. Josh

I rather fruit and veg than sweet things. Liam

A banana is a herb. Sunday

I thought my tastebuds might have changed but they haven’t. Alice

I liked having the avocado dip. Sam 

The white capsicum tasted like the red capsicum – kind of spicy. Riley

Fruit is awesome and don’t eat non healthy stuff. Verity

I liked the juicy orange. Jessie

Fruit is awesome. Samstar the teddy

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That sounds and looks absolutely delicious! Well done to all those who were brave and tried something new!

Great event.We tried the frozen banana idea straight away, so a great hit in our house.

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