Incredible Inquiry Celebration


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Yesterday the 1/2s had a wonderful celebration of all their inquiry learning. Children have developed a range of skills throughout the process and enjoyed the chance to share their understandings and ideas. Wonderful learning for everyone, even the teachers!

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Some of our reflections from 1/2L –

If you see some rubbish on the ground pick it up and try not to litter because it affects the animals – Maggie

World War II was actually bigger than World War I. We study war so we don’t have it again – Zach

You need to plan everything before you start – Josh

I enjoyed inquiry because you get to design great stuff – Winter

Design was good because we built what we planned – Harrison

I learnt about the 12 best indigenous players in the AFL – Sunday

I designed a scarf – Connor

I saw people working really hard on their designs and I also learnt to work hard – Arel

You use different materials to design different things. You wouldn’t make a playground from paper – Winnie

I learnt what cats eat and how they use their claws – Verity

Before you design something you need to figure out what materials to use – Alice

It would be better if you put your rubbish in the bin so it’s doesn’t blow away and go to the ocean – Jessie

Designing is more fun than it sounds because you end up with something that might be a surprise – Henry

I learnt that designers might change their design because it might be tricky or take too long and that’s ok – Liam

I decided to do design because we could design what we wanted and we had fun – Sienna

I planted a sunflower – Archer

I learnt how much rubbish there was in our school and would like to change that – Poppy

My work was about gum nut babies inspired by some really, really old gum nut baby books – Sam

If you want to make a really good design you often need to take your time – Sarah

I researched and found that eight million people died in World War I – Riley

I loved planting the plantar box gardens with succulents. We chose succulents because they can be planted without roots. They grow well without water and sun – Violet

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