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Today 1/2LT did some interesting work on similes. Here are some of the things we came up with:

As camouflaged as an army soldier in long grass. – Sean

As tall as a giraffe. – Kyan

As mythical as a phoenix. – Mira

As brown as a teddy bear. – Arel

As cute as a cat. – Abby

As sticky as mud. – Archer

As tall as a giraffe. – Kyan

As camouflaged as a stick insect. – Caspian

As cold as ice-cream. – Kleo

As brown as a chocolate ice-cream. – Connor

As gross as a cockroach. – Ethan

As cute as a puppy. – Sunday M

He is as green as a pear. – Matteo

As green as grass. – Ben

As funny as a toilet. – Winter

He is as red as an apple. – Matteo

As cute as a kitten. – Sophie

As nice as Moya and Renee. – Poppy

He was smelly like socks. – Harrison

As big as an elephant. – Paige

As cute as a puppy. – Mia

As green as an alien. – Boyd

As yummy as a taco. – Henry

As blue as the sky. – Freya

That bungee-jump is like the bounciest trampoline. – Sunday L

As red as a tomato. – Paige

As camouflaged as a stick insect on a leaf. – Caspian

As black as midnight. – Sarah

He is as yellow as a banana. – Finn

As soft as a fluffy bunny. – Mira

As hot as fire. – Josh

As yuck as a boiled body. – Matteo

As blue as the sea. – Violet L

She was as cold as ice. – Anine

As thin as paper. – Ben P

As green as a grape. – Gilbert

My cat is as black as a bat. – Finn

As purple as a plum. – Anton

As tall as a sky scraper. – Zach

As yuck as a boiled eye. – Iona

As green as a leaf. – Anton

He is as green as an apple. – Finn

As blue as a blueberry. – Boyd

As cute as a puppy. – Mira

As slow as an old grandfather snail. – Violet H

As white as snow. – Verity

As funny as a clown. – Alice

As high as a rooftop. – Sienna

As slimy as a frog. – Winnie

As soft as a kitten. – Maggie

As sharp as vampire teeth. – Liam

As hot as fire. – Riley

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