Incredible Inquiry Celebration


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Yesterday the 1/2s had a wonderful celebration of all their inquiry learning. Children have developed a range of skills throughout the process and enjoyed the chance to share their understandings and ideas. Wonderful learning for everyone, even the teachers!

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Some of our reflections from 1/2L –

If you see some rubbish on the ground pick it up and try not to litter because it affects the animals – Maggie

World War II was actually bigger than World War I. We study war so we don’t have it again – Zach

You need to plan everything before you start – Josh

I enjoyed inquiry because you get to design great stuff – Winter

Design was good because we built what we planned – Harrison

I learnt about the 12 best indigenous players in the AFL – Sunday

I designed a scarf – Connor

I saw people working really hard on their designs and I also learnt to work hard – Arel

You use different materials to design different things. You wouldn’t make a playground from paper – Winnie

I learnt what cats eat and how they use their claws – Verity

Before you design something you need to figure out what materials to use – Alice

It would be better if you put your rubbish in the bin so it’s doesn’t blow away and go to the ocean – Jessie

Designing is more fun than it sounds because you end up with something that might be a surprise – Henry

I learnt that designers might change their design because it might be tricky or take too long and that’s ok – Liam

I decided to do design because we could design what we wanted and we had fun – Sienna

I planted a sunflower – Archer

I learnt how much rubbish there was in our school and would like to change that – Poppy

My work was about gum nut babies inspired by some really, really old gum nut baby books – Sam

If you want to make a really good design you often need to take your time – Sarah

I researched and found that eight million people died in World War I – Riley

I loved planting the plantar box gardens with succulents. We chose succulents because they can be planted without roots. They grow well without water and sun – Violet

Inquiry – Design


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Here are some of our mini-designers making and wearing their fabulous creations!

photo photo 5

photo 4 photo 3

photo 2 photo 1

Haven’t they done a wonderful job?!


Teddy Bear Toast!


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This afternoon 1/2LT were introduced a new text type, procedural texts. We followed a special type of procedure, a recipe, and learnt how to make Teddy Bear Toast. It was lots of fun and super delicious!

If you want some holiday fun, follow the simple recipe below –

Teddy Bear Toast


1 slice of bread


sliced banana



Step 1. Place the slice of bread in the toaster and toast until it is golden brown.

Step 2. Spread with honey.

Step 3. Add banana slices for the ears and nose.

Step 4. Place the sultanas on each slice for the eyes and in the centre of the banana nose.

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1/2LT’s Similes


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Today 1/2LT did some interesting work on similes. Here are some of the things we came up with:

As camouflaged as an army soldier in long grass. – Sean

As tall as a giraffe. – Kyan

As mythical as a phoenix. – Mira

As brown as a teddy bear. – Arel

As cute as a cat. – Abby

As sticky as mud. – Archer

As tall as a giraffe. – Kyan

As camouflaged as a stick insect. – Caspian

As cold as ice-cream. – Kleo

As brown as a chocolate ice-cream. – Connor

As gross as a cockroach. – Ethan

As cute as a puppy. – Sunday M

He is as green as a pear. – Matteo

As green as grass. – Ben

As funny as a toilet. – Winter

He is as red as an apple. – Matteo

As cute as a kitten. – Sophie

As nice as Moya and Renee. – Poppy

He was smelly like socks. – Harrison

As big as an elephant. – Paige

As cute as a puppy. – Mia

As green as an alien. – Boyd

As yummy as a taco. – Henry

As blue as the sky. – Freya

That bungee-jump is like the bounciest trampoline. – Sunday L

As red as a tomato. – Paige

As camouflaged as a stick insect on a leaf. – Caspian

As black as midnight. – Sarah

He is as yellow as a banana. – Finn

As soft as a fluffy bunny. – Mira

As hot as fire. – Josh

As yuck as a boiled body. – Matteo

As blue as the sea. – Violet L

She was as cold as ice. – Anine

As thin as paper. – Ben P

As green as a grape. – Gilbert

My cat is as black as a bat. – Finn

As purple as a plum. – Anton

As tall as a sky scraper. – Zach

As yuck as a boiled eye. – Iona

As green as a leaf. – Anton

He is as green as an apple. – Finn

As blue as a blueberry. – Boyd

As cute as a puppy. – Mira

As slow as an old grandfather snail. – Violet H

As white as snow. – Verity

As funny as a clown. – Alice

As high as a rooftop. – Sienna

As slimy as a frog. – Winnie

As soft as a kitten. – Maggie

As sharp as vampire teeth. – Liam

As hot as fire. – Riley

06 09 07 08 05 04 03 02 01

This week’s award champions!


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Great effort by all! The 1/2 teachers are incredibly proud of all the hard work EVERY 1/2 student did for Writers’ Festival! You guys are awesome!

A big thanks for coming to our Writers’ Festival!


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Thank you to all who managed to attend our wonderful Writers’ Festival. We were so proud of all the work we displayed! We hope you enjoyed it too! Here is a picture of 1/2T holding all of their published work:



Writers’ Festival is almost here!


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We can’t wait to see you all on Thursday! We will open with a whole school assembly at 2.30pm. If you are free, come along and join in the fun!

From 3pm – 6.30pm the school will be open for browsing books and reading our magical writing pieces. Every child from Prep to Grade 6 will have a writing piece so make sure you wander around Bell PS. Students will remain with their classroom teachers until 3.30pm, just like always.

We hope you all have your costumes ready!


My book is called ‘Millie and the Flood’ – Connor

I can’t wait to see all the books – Violet

I’m looking forward to dressing up – Archie

I’m dressing up as Dorothy! – Maggie

My book is about an adventure – Alice

There is only 3 more sleeps – Ben

I’m looking forward to reading everyones books – Sunday

My book is called ‘Josh and the Baddies’ – Josh

My story is about a cat – Poppy

My book is called Lava Thing 2 – Sam

I’m looking forward to seeing the books – Sarah

I’m in my story – Taj

I cant’ wait for you all to come and read ‘Evil Alien and the Maze’- Riley

My characters are Bella and Sheebs – Sienna

My story is about two pandas who get lost in a big hole- Liam

Come and read ‘The adventures of Frank and Fred’! – Henry

Happy Fathers’ Day 1/2 dads and loved ones!


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We hope you’re all enjoying this amazing sunshine with your families!


1/2A’s Tessellations …


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A bet was placed between Benjamin Saccone and Tom on the St. Kilda and Richmond game. The saints lost the match, and a bet is a bet. Saints lost, so Tom had to suck it up and take this photo.



Tom then proceeded to do this …



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