Do you know what to do in an emergency?


Posted by moya | Posted in Celebrations and Special Days | Posted on August 1, 2014

Because we do! Today the 1/2s learnt what to do if we find a person on the floor, lying still. To stop this happening you need to put away things that aren’t safe. You can help too, just remember –

D is for Danger – You look for to you, to others and to the sick person.

R is for response – You talk to the person. If they don’t respond you squeeze their shoulders. Twice.

S is send for help – Call the ambulance – the number is 000.

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We had fun because Ben kept making us giggle. Sarah

D is for danger. Malachy

R is for response. Arel

Today was a really good day learning first aid. Riley

We learnt how to save toddlers. Sam

Now we know how to keep safe. Harrison

We learnt what is dangerous. Poppy

Now I know what to do if someone needs help. Liam

We learnt what to do when someone is lying still on the floor. Ben P

I feel a bit safer because now I know what to do. Henry

If I’m hurt I can call 000. Sienna

Always remember to put dangerous things away. Jessie

Sometimes the kitchen can be a bit dangerous. Violet

Now I know who to call when there is an emergency. Connor

I loved today, I wish it would last forever. Verity

I know what to do when someone is lying on the floor. Winter

Now I know the number to call when someone is injured. Alice

It was good. Josh

S stands for send for help. Sunday

I hope I remember what to do if an emergency actually happens. Maggie

We had a lot of fun with Ben. Archer

Thanks for teaching us St John Ambulance!

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After school I asked the kids what they learnt in First Aid – my Preppie quickly lay on the ground and Gr2 looked for cars, yelled at her, squeezed her shoulders and called for help. Despite the giggling it was great to see they had listened and learnt. Fabulous idea school and St John Ambulance.

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