Tree Day Fun!


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Today the 1/2s spent the morning (and some of the afternoon) planting trees to bring the school yard to life for Schools Tree Day! We planted 100 trees. Everyone planted different kinds of trees, some were long and some were short. We think they will grow bigger and bigger! We hope that they will still be there when we finish school. We used straws to help people see where the trees were so no one would step on them. It was such great fun!


To plant a tree you need to –

Dig a hole for your tree.

Then you squeeze the tube to get your tree out.

 Give the roots of your plant a little tickle.

Then you put your tree in the hole. You need to make sure the roots are in the ground.

Fill the hole with soil. Pat it down nice and hard.

Water the tree.

Watch it grow!


A huge thank you to our lovely parent helpers who braved the cold, you were all wonderful! – Special mention to Caitlin, Jenny and Nadia who were in it for the long haul. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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We look forward to watching the trees grow. Sarah 

Trees are awesome. Henry

We hope all the trees survive. Zach

I love Tree Day! Malachy

I liked planting the trees. Sam

Trees help the environment. Sienna

I am looking forward to next year’s Tree Day. Maggie

Tree Day was fun! Lughán

I hope the trees stay there forever. Harrison

I hope the trees grow big. Alice

I loved pulling them out of their little tubes. Violet

Trees are EPIC! Taj

Maybe some will grow into bushes. Poppy

I love my trees. Verity

Tree Day will come back again. Archer

1/2L were good at planting trees. Jessie

It was a cool, fun and enjoyable day! Winnie

I planted 10 trees. Arel

I hope I see them when I am an adult. Sunday

Our trees were generously donated by Darebin Council. The 1/2s thank you!

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