Thank you Zoe!


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1/2T would like to thank Zoe for her wonderful work in our grade over the past term. She has been a wonderful help and we wish her all the best in her future teaching career!


Bye bye Stick Insects – Thanks for the visit!


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Thank you to Pauline and Freya for allowing us to have the stick insects live in 1/2T for the past week. We will miss you stick insects!

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Check out this week’s award winners! Great work everyone!


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1/2T’s ‘Dynamic Dialogue’


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This week 1/2T practised some shared writing of ‘Dynamic Dialogues.’ This type of writing had a number of elements that students practised – teamwork and turn taking, punctuation (talking marks focus) and how to make their writing pieces more DYNAMIC and exciting!!! This is how it worked…

Students were paired randomly and had to create a dialogue between two people. As a class we brainstormed possible topics. Some were things like “You broke my…” and “How could you!?” Students then had a conversation using paper and pencils, not their mouths. It was a short, sharp and quick writing session and look at what we came up with:


“Why did you steal my pocket money? I was saving up for an iPad but you spent it on football cards!” “I accidently got silly, so on the way home I dropped into Bunnings and I bought a mullet and when I got home I went into your room got your piggy bank and smashed it.” “Oops!”

By Matteo and Kyan


“Why did you break my T.V why why?!” “I did not!” “Yes you did!” “Well you broke my bedroom window.” “You broke the window!” “No you broke my window!” “Why did you throw Mr Doodoo in the toilet?” “But you messed up my whole room!” “But I’m going to tell mum!” “No you won’t!” “Yes I will!” “Well I’m going to tell my mum ok!” “Fine!” “Bye-bye.”

By Sean and Mia


“I’m going to lose against a grade one girl in front of my friends.” “I don’t think so, I know I will lose the game.” “To win I combine my hare with my knight so I can bring back the jouster or the minotaur!” “My king and queen aren’t as powerfull! So you will win and I won’t.” “I’ll bring back my minotaur – now I give my minotaur two swords!” “I have said this a million times, I will lose O-K!”

By Sophie and Luke

“Anine! You broke my dog vase!” “I’m sorry, but you broke my favourite dog vase!” “It is the Ozz Rambat vase!” “Ok Paige we can get a new one.” “But it costs $100 dollars!” “Maybe we can buy it from mum?” “What if we get a new one?”

By Paige and Anine


“Ben, why did you mess up my room?”  “I wasn’t I swear.” “But you still messed up my room.” “I’m sorry!” “But that won’t help. What about cleaning up my room?” “But I didn’t mean it!” “BUT YOU MESSED UP MY ROOM! You can’t not mean it!” “Well I didn’t see” “yes you did you liar” “No!” “You should clean it up because you made the mess!” “I’m going to tell mum!” “But I didn’t do anything…” “Well you were mean.”

By Sunday and Ben


“Hey Finn you cheated in chess today.” “No I didn’t!” “You so did.” “I so didn’t.” “Yes you did, look you cheated!” “I didn’t see anything…?” “All right then, I’ll put you in check.” “No you didn’t!” “No, you’re still in check.”

By Freya and Finn


“Hey Kleo how dare you wreck my ice cream!” “I am very sorry, I am just yummy” “When you get an ice cream I’ll wreck yours.” “Well I am not getting an ice cream.” “I’m going to tell mum and you will get no money for your birthday!” “What a dibber dobber and I am too young for money.” “You are the meanest little sister I’ve ever had!”

By Acacia and Kleo


“You broke my skateboard!” “I’m sorry I was trying to be a doofus” “You doofus!” “I need an ice cream” “So do I” “Don’t!” “Then lets have a fight” “Fine then!” “Game on!”

By Ethan and Gilbert


“Mira how could you” “I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to break it! I tried to stop myself” “Still why did you?” “I said I didn’t mean it!” “That was my favourite car.” “I’ll pay for it  I swear I will!” “I’m telling my mum!” “Ok make a deal, I’ll get you a new car and you don’t tell anyone?” “Ok I won’t.” “Thanks Anton.” “But they’re 10,000 dollars” “I’ve got more than that so I’ll buy a better one today.” “No you haven’t you liar!” “Just kidding I’ve got the same amount because mum gave me 200 dollars a week for helping clean the house!” “Ok buy it today.”

By Mira and Anton


“Boyd you have stolen my toy! How dare you!” “I was going out the door when I stepped on your toy” “Oh well accidents happen, but can you please get me a new toy?” “I know that but where from?” “From the toy shop silly”.

By Iona and Boyd

We hope this work will help us include some dynamic dialogue in our next narrative writing pieces!

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(Also, sorry about a long time between posts – I’ve had some technical difficulties!)


1/2 Footy Day


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We were lucky enough to have the Northern Blues come to Bell Primary and teach us some footy skills. We learnt to kick, handball and bounce the ball. It was so much fun!


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This week’s award recipients! What stars they are!


A bet is a bet ….


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