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We had a wonderful day in 1/2 today! So much learning and exploring that happened! We had 4 different stations, a design hub, forces and motion area, living and non living things and a history room. There were some amazing activities! Lots of people discovered new things and made links to ideas they already had. It was a wonderful experience for everyone, even the teachers! We can’t wait for next term! A big thank you to our parent helpers throughout the day, you were marvellous!

Below are 1/2L’s comments about the day ~

I really liked the magnets because I liked how you could move them under the table. It was like magic! Lani

I enjoyed doing the marble runs because building the different runs. Winnie

I enjoyed the design area because we got to make stain glassed windows. Henry 

My favourite thing was the design activities because it had lots of fun things to try. Sienna

The thing I enjoyed most was the history room because we got to do free time and draw pictures about hieroglyphics. Malachy

I enjoyed history because I am really interested in Egypt and I got to write a letter to my family in hieroglyphics. Lughan

I liked doing the paper planes because I liked flying them to test them. I discovered if they are too heavy they won’t fly as high. Josh

I enjoyed the design area because I made a great plants vs zombies picture. I discovered that your mind can go crazy and you and draw whatever you think or like and be creative. Arel

I liked 2 things. The paper planes and magnets and I discovered that paper clips make planes fly a little bit better because the weight changes it. Winter

I enjoyed the making the paper planes because I made a really good one with Moya. It was good because the shape of the wings was a bit like a triangle and it makes it go faster through the air. Taj

I like the roto-copters and I found it interesting that the roto-copters went down and down and down when we tested them. Ben

My favourite thing was the origami table because you could make lots of things and you could see what you made when you were done. I made a cow into a dog. Poppy

I liked making the posters because it was fun because you could draw whatever you like. I discovered I can draw better trees now. Harrison

I learnt how to write my name in hieroglyphics. Liam

My favourite was the magnets. I learnt how to do a trick and I also learnt how to get paper clips out of the water without touching the water. Archie

I enjoyed making paper planes. I learnt that if they are smaller they go down faster. Sarah

I learnt how to write in hieroglyphics over in history. Sunday

I enjoyed the design area in Miss G’s room. I made a poster and learnt that when you work together as a group you can sometimes work better. Jessie

I liked the design area because I liked making my plants vs zombies poster. I learnt that you could draw zombies in lots of ways. Sam

I enjoyed paper aeroplanes because I learnt that if the shape of the wings change how a plane flies. Violet

My favourite was the design area because I made 4 things, a story, a poster to go with it and a face using lots of different objects. Verity

I enjoyed the hieroglyphics because I learnt how to write my name and I looked at books about how to make mummies. Riley

I liked the design area because I made a necklace for Lani and something special for my pa, a picture of the sea. Connor

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It seems to me, from reading and hearing about the day, was that there was a lot of Teamwork being achieved. Pretty cool!

The chatter after school was lovely, lots of excitement and creativity. Well done!

I was lucky enough to be part of the fun.
I loved how the kids were happy to have some help along the way but were super keen to do things themselves.
I also enjoyed seeing the kids sharing what they had already worked out or learned with each other.
A great day!

WOW!!!!! I was very lucky to see grade one and two children investigating during their Inquiry Tasters. I look forward to seeing all of the students actively engaged in continuing investigations into the areas that they are either individually interested in or that groups of children may wish to learn more about.
I am sending this comment today from Shanghai in China. I have been trying to practise some of my Chinese language but I am not very good at it. Hopefully I will get better. Marg

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