1/2LT Crazy Animals


Posted by moya | Posted in English | Posted on February 17, 2014

We’ve started writing in 1/2LT! Our first job was to create a crazy animal. We began by reading a great story called That’s How I See Things written by Sirish Rao and illustrated by a wonderful artist, Bhajju Shyam. It is the tale of an artist, Siena Baba, who is a happy but he does not see the world the way everyone else does, he sees it differently. Everyone thinks he’s strange because he does things his won way. One day he draws a bizarre set of animals, who are very opinionated and complain about how he is creating them wrong! There were some funny and crazy things – like a croco-rooster, a crocodile crossed with a rooster! Who would have thought! We really enjoyed the book, even Renee and Moya did! Afterwards we got to create our own crazy animals. Check them out!



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