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1/2L have had a wonderful start up week. We’ve played holiday charades, we had a snowball fight, we made up a class motto and designed our own bugs, we made an aboriginal flag for a classroom display and wrote an acknowledgement of country, we have unpacked our school values and looked at our they help us learn and what they mean to us. We also had to disguised elephants by thinking of different ways to hide them and thought of new ideas. We have a special visitor Lani, who will be back without the year. We have done lots of things with Renee and 1/2T and are looking forward to working with them during the year. We also started our specialist program this week, it was great to see Tom, Andrew and Meg, we can’t wait to meet Chelsea next week. We have used our creativity, our respect, our honesty, our learning and our team work during the week.


I enjoyed making the bugs because we got to choose which type we wanted to make. Connor

I liked having a 1/2L meeting because it helped me in the yard. Winnie

I enjoyed our teamwork activity. We had to pass a hoop around the circle without it breaking. Verity

I liked making the aboriginal flag because we got to trace our hand prints. Jessie

I love the bugs because we got to decorate them however we wanted! Sienna

Our class motto is ‘flying to great heights’. We brainstormed bug words we could think of and then used bug ‘verbs’ to come up with a sentence. We voted as a class to find the winner. Henry

I enjoyed the activity where we had to have everyone touching the skipping rope and hoop. We practiced our teamwork. Poppy

I enjoyed having to pass the hoop around the circle without it breaking. It was about teamwork and we worked well as a team. Ben

I liked making the bugs because you got to swap colours with people and I learnt some new names. Violet

I liked making the aboriginal flag. Harrison

I liked hiding the elephants because you could draw things and make them into anything you liked. Taj

I liked making the bugs. Arel

I like making the elephants. Riley

I liked doing the honesty role plays. Sunday

I liked playing the hoop game. Zach

I liked making the bugs. Josh

I enjoyed the snow ball flight. Moya

I like helping everyone hold onto the skipping rope. Archie

My favourite thing was making the elephants. Winter

I liked hiding the elephants.Alice

I liked meeting everybody. Lani

I liked making the elephant because you could hide them in anything. Sarah

I enjoyed making the elephants. Lughan

I liked watching Hector’s World to learn about cybersafety. I learnt not to give out my private information. Liam

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What is Hector’s World? I have been getting lots of commentary from Anine about the cybersafety info, and wanted to take a look at the messages for myself too!

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your wonderful input on our blog! Here is the link to the videos for Hectors World: http://www.cybersmart.gov.au/Schools/Teacher%20resources/Lower%20primary/Hectors%20world.aspx#videos


Hey 1/2 L – can the mums and dads come and have a snowball fight too? Thanks for sharing your fantastic week with us.

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