1/2LT’s Handwriting Session – Getting messy to get neat!


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Today in handwriting 1/2LT focused on ‘clock face letters.’ These are letters that are mostly round like a clock and usually start at 2 o’clock. For example: a, o, c, d, q, g, e. We used shaving cream to practise the formation of our letters. Have a look!

2 4 3226 5 7 8 9 23 24 26 2731 32 33 34 35

We loved it!


1/2LT’s ‘Share the Pencil’ Activity


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This week 1/2LT completed a shared writing activity where students wrote their own version of Oliver Jeffer’s book ‘Stuck,’ with a partner. Each pair worked together to write their story using one piece of paper and one pencil. Each partner had approximately one to two minutes to write part of the story before changing to their partner and then back again, and so on. Whilst one partner was writing, the other partner assisted with spelling and the expansion of plot ideas. Students produced some amazing and detailed pieces of writing in this session! Ask your child to tell you about what happened in their interesting story!

b1   b2    b3   b5 b6   b11 b10   b9 b8   b7


1/2T’s Lifecycle Learning


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This week 1/2T were lucky enough to have a visit from Freya’s grandmother Pauline. Pauline brought along some interesting tadpoles and frogs. 1/2T learnt about their lifecycle and had a chance to gently touch the frogs. Here are some pictures taken from the visit:






Thank you Freya and Pauline!

1/2LT’s Rainbow Numbers Factory


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This week we have learnt all about rainbow numbers. Our rainbow numbers are pairs of numbers that add up to 10. Like 7+3, 5+5, 9+1, 2+8 and 6+4. They are called rainbow numbers because if you draw a loopy line between them on a number line…. it makes a rainbow! Today in 1/2LT we played a game called cover up to help us practice our rainbow numbers. Our rainbow numbers are useful for counting to 10, adding to 10, subtracting from 10 and for solving problems. We want to get to know them really, really well, just like lightning!

Here is how to play rainbow number cover up –

1. Get a number board from 0-10. Available below on the blog.

This is a 0-10 board.

This is a 0-10 board.


2. Get a ten sided die. (At home you might like to write the numbers 0-10 on pieces of card and draw them out of a bag or bowl).



3.  Get two sets of counters (or buttons). Each player needs a different colour.

4. Play Rock, paper, scissors to work out who goes first.


5. Roll the die (or choose a number if  you are at home)


6. When you roll a number, you put your counter on the rainbow number partner of that number. For example, if you roll a 6 you put it on 4. If there is already one of your opponents counters on that square, you can push it off. If you get the rainbow number wrong, you don’t get to put a counter down.

A 6, do you know the rainbow number?

A 6, do you know the rainbow number?

7. Take turns with your partner.

8. Keep playing until all the squares are covered. The person with the most counters on the board wins. The winner gets to have the first roll the next game.


Have FUN!!!!!!!

Cover Up Boards


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Here are the cover up boards so you can practice your partners to 10 at home! Feel free to edit them and create your own versions too. Skip counting cover up is also lots of fun!

Rainbow Numbers Cover Up

Rainbow Number Cover Up to 20

1/2LT Crazy Animals


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We’ve started writing in 1/2LT! Our first job was to create a crazy animal. We began by reading a great story called That’s How I See Things written by Sirish Rao and illustrated by a wonderful artist, Bhajju Shyam. It is the tale of an artist, Siena Baba, who is a happy but he does not see the world the way everyone else does, he sees it differently. Everyone thinks he’s strange because he does things his won way. One day he draws a bizarre set of animals, who are very opinionated and complain about how he is creating them wrong! There were some funny and crazy things – like a croco-rooster, a crocodile crossed with a rooster! Who would have thought! We really enjoyed the book, even Renee and Moya did! Afterwards we got to create our own crazy animals. Check them out!



Link to 1/2 Parent Information Session Presentation


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1-2 Bell Parent Info 2014

If you need any extra information on any of these areas, please feel free to contact us!

– The 1/2 Team

Grade 1/2 Term 1 Newsletter


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Please find the Term 1 newsletter attached below …

12 Newsletter T1

1/2L and Start Up week


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1/2L have had a wonderful start up week. We’ve played holiday charades, we had a snowball fight, we made up a class motto and designed our own bugs, we made an aboriginal flag for a classroom display and wrote an acknowledgement of country, we have unpacked our school values and looked at our they help us learn and what they mean to us. We also had to disguised elephants by thinking of different ways to hide them and thought of new ideas. We have a special visitor Lani, who will be back without the year. We have done lots of things with Renee and 1/2T and are looking forward to working with them during the year. We also started our specialist program this week, it was great to see Tom, Andrew and Meg, we can’t wait to meet Chelsea next week. We have used our creativity, our respect, our honesty, our learning and our team work during the week.


I enjoyed making the bugs because we got to choose which type we wanted to make. Connor

I liked having a 1/2L meeting because it helped me in the yard. Winnie

I enjoyed our teamwork activity. We had to pass a hoop around the circle without it breaking. Verity

I liked making the aboriginal flag because we got to trace our hand prints. Jessie

I love the bugs because we got to decorate them however we wanted! Sienna

Our class motto is ‘flying to great heights’. We brainstormed bug words we could think of and then used bug ‘verbs’ to come up with a sentence. We voted as a class to find the winner. Henry

I enjoyed the activity where we had to have everyone touching the skipping rope and hoop. We practiced our teamwork. Poppy

I enjoyed having to pass the hoop around the circle without it breaking. It was about teamwork and we worked well as a team. Ben

I liked making the bugs because you got to swap colours with people and I learnt some new names. Violet

I liked making the aboriginal flag. Harrison

I liked hiding the elephants because you could draw things and make them into anything you liked. Taj

I liked making the bugs. Arel

I like making the elephants. Riley

I liked doing the honesty role plays. Sunday

I liked playing the hoop game. Zach

I liked making the bugs. Josh

I enjoyed the snow ball flight. Moya

I like helping everyone hold onto the skipping rope. Archie

My favourite thing was making the elephants. Winter

I liked hiding the elephants.Alice

I liked meeting everybody. Lani

I liked making the elephant because you could hide them in anything. Sarah

I enjoyed making the elephants. Lughan

I liked watching Hector’s World to learn about cybersafety. I learnt not to give out my private information. Liam

Grade 1/2G Start Up


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Grade1/2 G has enjoyed Start Up. Over five days we played a variety of games aimed at helping us get to know each other. Teamwork, Honesty, Learning, Creativity and Respect are values we practiced together. We demonstrated our learning through class discussions, role-play and craft. Spirals were made to demonstrate creativity, a paper chain was constructed to present learning and wrist bands were made and worn as souvenirs to demonstrate other values. We are particularly proud of our individual contributions to the posters; A Great Student, Teacher and Classroom. These are displayed in our classroom for all to see.

A Great Classroom is ....

A Great Classroom is ….

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