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Posted by moya | Posted in Art and Craft, Integrated Studies, Science | Posted on November 29, 2013

We’ve been looking at trees with Moya over the last few weeks during our science rotations for our integrated unit on plants. It’s been wonderful to watch everyone be so excited about our topic and gain new knowledge each week as we’ve travelled around the classrooms and visited different teachers.

Looking closely at trees, we discovered –

  • Roots & their role in helping the tree stay strong and stable but also taking up the nutrients and water from the soil
  • Leaves – how a tree breathes and feeds. We even talked about evergreen and deciduous tree leaves.
  • Bark – helps protect the tree. It can’t stretch as the tree grows so it splits or peels as the wood inside it grows.
  • Trunk – supports the leaves and branches of the tree contain the pipelines to move the food around
  • Tree rings – record the trees age, every year a tree grows a little more a new tree ring is made

We also went for little nature walk around Bell Primary and looked at our beautiful trees, even passing through the avenue of honour. Did you know that trees are the largest plant in the world? They also live the longest. Some trees live hundreds of years. How cool!

We decided trees are really important, here’s our reasons why –

  • People sometimes use them to protect their houses
  • trees give us shade
  • they help us breath by releasing oxygen into the air
  • their roots keep the dirt from washing away
  • they provide homes for wildlife and humans
  • they clean the air by taking the carbon dioxide out and storing it inside them
  • they help us everyday by making lots of things we use

Then we had a close look at a tree stump and and looked at the ‘new’ sapwood that carries the water and minerals from the roots to the leaves and. The middle of the tree is called the heartwood, it is the old, dead sapwood and is very hard a strong. It was amazing seeing all the rings. We came to the conclusion that trees are quite similar to us in some ways, like the heartwood is the skeleton holding the tree up and the bark is similar to our skin.

We then created some beautiful tree ‘cookies’. You’ll have to wait until the 12th of December, our exhibition night, to see our pieces of art, but here is a sneak peak until then!

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My favourite trees are the giant sequoia’s (or giant redwoods). They can grow up to 115 metres tall! Nature can be amazing sometimes…..

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