1/2C’s Plant Experiments


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This term, the 1/2s are conducting experiments about plants. 1/2C started a class experiment in late October with broad bean seeds. We made a brainstorm and thought of ideas of how we could grow plants in unusual conditions. Some of these ideas included: watering our beans with coke, watering with coloured water, growing a bean in cement and growing a bean in wet sand. It was very fun because we actually got to try out our ideas.

Below is a list of wonderings or ideas that we all had about the experiment:

I wonder if the salty water will make it look dry. – Hugo

I wonder if the milk will go all gloppy. – Sarah

I wonder if the coke one will explode. – Mitchell

I wonder if the milk will stink. – Ettie

I wonder if the plant (that beans don’t like to be near) will die because it is near the bean. – Kisha

I wonder if the juice will make the broad bean taste like juice. – Freya

I wonder if the blue food dye will make the plant all blue. – Evan

I wonder if the plant in the cement will die because it’s roots can’t come out of the cement. The cement could block the roots. – Leo

“Thank you” and some plants might “grow up”. – Rhianon

Coke Experiment: I wonder if it will work or (this is what I want to happen) it will turn coke flavoured. – Max

I wonder if the broad beans will grow in the food dye mixture. – Sophia

I wonder if the cement will stop the plant from growing. – Ben

I wonder if the plant with food dye will end up being really weird colours. – Dulcie

I wonder if some will grow and some will die in a week. – Thomas A.W.

I wonder if the coke will still make the bean grow but when you put your finger on it and put it in your mouth it tastes like coke. – Darcy

I wonder if the food dye will make plant turn blue. – Ruby

I wonder if the coke will make the seed crack. – Jemillah

I wonder if the blue food dye bean won’t grow because it doesn’t have any soil inside the cup. – Charlie

I wonder if the coke will explode on everyone. – Angus

I wonder if the cow poo will stink. – Tinu

I wonder if the coke will make the seed crack up open but not grow. – Ed

I predict that the plant the will grow into a bean stalk… watch out, there is a dragon! – Dean




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Experimenting is so much fun – there’s some fantastic wonderings and ideas from the students – we clearly have some great scientific thinkers in the lower end of the school!

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