Ferns and Mosses


Posted by bettytzelepis | Posted in Science | Posted on November 13, 2013

During science rotations in Betty’s grade we have been learning about mosses and ferns. We looked at lots of different fern varities and even discovered that ferns have been around since the dinosaurs. In fact, ferns were food for the herbivore dinosaurs.

We had a go at having a close look at moss and how it reacts to dry and wet conditions. When the moss is dry it is rough, prickly and straight. Within seconds of being watered it turn fluffy, damp and lush.

We made our own fern fronds in class…after we put all the fronds together…we made our own fern.


Question – How do you know if a fern is a girl or boy?

Answer – Ask one of the grade 1/2’s for the answer!

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Who doesn’t love working with plants that were around with the dinosaurs? Fascinating that plant-life is able to adapt and survive over such a long period of time!

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