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Why do flowers exist?

This is the question the 1/2s have been looking at in Lauren’s science lesson. We came up with lots of reasons but it turned out we were looking at the question in the wrong way.

We discovered that flowering plants are called angiosperms and that they have been around for millions of years. Artists love flowers! We learnt about Vincent Van Gogh and  Claude Monet and a famous Australian artist, Margaret Preston. They did a special type of painting called “still life.”

Then… we went into the playground and picked our own flowers. We arranged them in vases and did our very own still life drawings of our very own flower arrangements. They are so incredibly beautiful!

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they look so bueatiful –
also it ooks like you have put in a lot of work!well done everbody!!

sorry looks

These are really cool! They are fabulous drawers. Keep up the great work 1/2’s!
Yvonne from 5/6L

Hi I’m Charlotte (a grade 5 at your school) those are some great drawings it looks really fun!!!

Wow. I love the pictures of the flowers that have been hand drawn. Great question too. But I’m still curious as why flowers exist?

Ah! That would be telling! There are still 3 classes of 1/2s yet to do the flower rotation. Perhaps you could think about it and see if you can work it out and we’ll post the answer in 3 weeks time.

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